Professional Year Accounting Sydney

10 Benefits of Professional Year Accounting in Sydney

Australia is one of the most preferred destinations for studying abroad. Its education system is developed and rewarding also. An Australian degree opens up great career paths for you. That is why it is so popular and liked as a study destination – by students and education experts alike.

In the past few years, it has been seen that the number of international students graduating from Australian universities has increased several times. But the number of these graduates getting jobs in companies after their education has not seen much growth. In fact, the gap between the employee required for the jobs and those actually getting it increased. This was due to the fact that the students do not possess the significant skills and knowledge of the subject much needed to get that particular job because companies nowadays do not want to spend much of their time and resources on training young graduates. To beat this problem, the Australian Government introduced Professional Year Programs with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection especially devised for such international graduates from an Australian university. Accounting graduates have the opportunity to go for Professional Year Accounting Sydney.

About Professional Year Program

The Professional Year Program is a well-structured program that aims at the general skill development of the ambitious candidates by giving them practical exposure to the workplace in keeping with their education streams. This program imparts valuable skills, knowledge and offers them a true exposure to the Australian work while teaching the basics of Australian Work Practices. It runs for a minimum of 44 weeks including a practical training of 12 weeks. There are mainly 3 streams of Professional Year Program namely – PYP in Accounting, PYP in Engineering and PYP in IT.

10 benefits of Professional Year Accounting in Sydney

Here are 10 benefits of Professional Year Accounting Sydney.

  1. A thorough learning of your subject theories in the program and a chance to cover anything you might have missed during your education in college.
  2. Get an internship through PYP which opens up the lucrative pathways for aspirants looking for rewarding jobs.
  3. Learn about Australia’s standards for workplace and professional code of conduct. Gain relevant knowledge on how to communicate and what kind of professional behaviour you are required to maintain at the workplace. Also, develop your soft skills.
  4. Expand your professional and social circle and get in touch with educated people of similar interests.
  5. Gain 5 Extra Points for Permanent Residence. Your successful completion of PY gives you extra 5 points that can make you eligible to apply for PR.
  6. Enjoy the temperate climate with warm summers and mild winters in Sydney. Enjoy a high quality of life in Sydney which is known for its laid-back culture and relaxed vibe.
  7. Sydney has plenty of entertainment and attracts most of the major musical, theatre or other entertainment act that comes to Australia.
  8. Due to a major influx of immigrants over many years, Sydney has a rich blend of cultural ethnicities.
  9. Sydney has a dynamic economy. In the past few years, the state government of New South Wales has invested millions of dollars in the field of construction, innovation and technology which has created a lot of career opportunities here.
  10. Sydney has always appreciated creative arts. It has an inspirational, young crowd and plenty of cafes and bars with live music where people gather to share ideas.

If you want to enrol in Professional Year Accounting Sydney, contact Professional Year Program.

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