Spots of Ranikhet

3 Most Important Spots of Ranikhet: Chaubatia Garden, Bhalu Dam, & Majkhali

Ranikhet is a well-known hill station in Uttarakhand. If you haven’t visited this gorgeously snuggled town, you must visit it. The hill station has become an admired destination for backpackers, shutterbugs and nature enthusiasts. After all, Ranikhet is packed with outstanding destinations and pleasant spots.

You should visit this hill station at least once in your life. Just book your rooms in the best resort in Ranikhet and enjoy the richness it caters to its visitors. The hills station will surely leave you rejuvenated and light hearted. To double your excitement, you must have a look at the3 Most Important Spots of Ranikhet: Chaubatia Garden, Bhalu Dam, &Majkhali.

  1. Chaubatia Garden

Talking about these outstanding Chaubatia Gardens, they are positioned around ten kilometres south of Ranikhet. This name Chaubatia suggests the connection of four cities.As per local language, Chau means four and Bhatia means path. Together it denotes four paths. It is named like that because gardens are dotted at the connection point of four cities namely Dehrti, Bhargaon, Ranikhet and Pilkoli.The Government Fruit Research Centre upkeeps and manages the growth of fruit trees here.It is a superb garden of plush green field and these are winged at a height of one thousand eight hundred metres above the sea level. Chaubatia stretches over a land of six hundred acres.

The whole area is well known for its majestic orchards loaded with juicy fruits such as peaches, apricots, apples and so on. The delightful place is a nature centre for the lovers, friends and the ones who want to develop a relation with nature. The Himalayan vistas and refreshing gusts of air make the visitors amazed.

  1. Bhalu Dam

Bhalu Dam is dotted close to Ranikhet and is about seven to eight kilometres from Chaubatiya Garden on a remote corner. A petite hike leads the visitors to this gorgeous artificial dam. This dam is an artificial lake endowed in the conserved forest area located around three kilometres below the Chaubatia Orchard. The place is one-kilometre trek from Ranikhet.

This gorgeous lake was constructed in the year 1903 by the British Government.It was constructed to resolve the water shortage issues in the area. The surrounding areas of this gorgeous lake provide hypnotic views of sun-kissed Himalayan peaks. The site is extremely popular for camping, picnicking and much more.You can see the tourists hovering here throughout the year.

  1. Majkhali

Majkhali is a sightseeing area and it offers a streak of outstanding views of Mount Trishul. The place is perfect for people who are madly in love with the charisma of nature. People take out their picnics at this place. The whole area is a beautiful place to spend a quality time with your friends and family. And yes, outdoor games can also be carried out here.

Her you can also relish the harmonious sounds of tranquil surroundings and pleasing chirping of birds. For the adventure enthusiasts, there are a couple of walking trails around the foothills. But such a thrill can be enjoyed between 7am to 7pm only.

So, just book hotels in RanikhetUttarakhand and explore the delight of this hill station!

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