4 Playdate Inspiration to Spend Your Valentine’s Day with Your Childern

4 Playdate Inspiration to Spend Your Valentine’s Day with Your Childern

Valentine’s day is not always about intimate candlelight dinner with your partner. In case you’ve children, Valentine’s day may be a perfect moment to show your love and affection by spoiling them with pleasurable pursuits. Check out our recommendation of seven playgrounds in Playdate in Jakarta to have fun quality time with your children.

1 | Playparq

This playground has two locations in South Jakarta, namely in Kemang and Bintaro. It is appropriate for youngsters who range from 1 year old to 12 years of age. The place provides indoor and outdoor games such as flying fox, slide, big trampoline, and ball pit. It supplies a playing space for babies. Your kids also can combine regular tasks like cooking class for age 5 to 10 years old and holiday camp for age 3 to 12 years old, where they’ll engage in art and cooking class for three days during school vacation.

2 | Ocean Eco Park Ancol

Formerly, this was a golfing park which only allowed restricted people to join the region. Nevertheless, the park is now converted into an open green space with lots of unique plants. This park contains four parts you could explore with your children.

At Eco-Care region, you can allow the kids to learn the manners and ways of planting. You might also take them to Eco-Nature area where they can observe animals like cassowary birds, pelicans, and deer. You can teach your kids about water animals like koi fish and catfish at Eco-Island. Whenever you’re tired of walking and exploring, you might take your kids to see stage operation about Indonesian folklore in Eco-Art region. Valentine’s day!

3 | Scientia Square BSD

Scientia Square is a public park located on the outskirt of the metropolis, in the GadingSerpong, Tangerang region, west of Jakarta. This park is about doing tasks together with your children. They might have plenty of fun doing outdoor activities like learning about butterflies, inline skating, biking, even wall climbing. This park also provides an area for teens to play dirt bicycles or to skateboard in the Velocity Skatepark.

Parents may enjoy yoga or baby strolling at the Universe Amphitheatre, where slow music is played to keep your baby asleep as you walk.

4 | Kidzania at Restaurant Pacific Place

Possessing early aspiration is vital for your children. Kidzania is only the ideal place if you would like to teach your kids about what they want to be when they grow up.

This amusement center is developed with a”child’s town” edutainment concept for kids age 2 to 16 years old, the very first of its kind in Southeast Asia. It displays replicas of the police station, college, even hospital as well as bank. While visiting this location, your kids may roleplay as a nurse, doctor, aviator, chef, researcher along with other jobs they may experience in the future.

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