5 Latest Trends in Industrial Furniture in India in 2019

5 Latest Trends in Industrial Furniture in India in 2019

Furniture plays a key role to give any place a refined look. If you are to open a funky cool new restaurant, select a contemporary it vintage theme along with matched designs, interiors and furniture pieces, like the bean bags or small swings, it surely will take the restaurant to a new high. Such is the crucial role that the furniture plays at any place.

When it comes to making a restaurant stand-out in the restaurant business, it is quintessential to make spaces look chic, cozy or classy, which, in turn, all depends on the choice of furniture for your restaurant space.

With all the different kinds of trends in furniture, we see there is a new type of furniture making it big in the furniture market, which is the industrial furniture.

  • Now if you are wondering what does industrial furniture mean? It simply means the furniture inspired by industrial works. For example, it can be a chair or a bar table that has some of its aspects influenced by the industry such as chimneys.
  • It is basically rendering an aesthetic type of furnishing to the restaurant that takes inspiration from old factories.
  • The trend has gained popularity since the 2000s. You can see that to give it a modern, classy yet a vintage look, sometimes the industrial material is sometimes used in unexpected ways in the furnishing.
  • For an industrial theme, many people focus mainly on the kitchen areas, because there is an impeccable chance to experiment and get the furnishing done in a unique way.
  • You can have a rustic kitchen top and complete the look with lights fixed on top. To add to it, you can also put industry inspired chairs for dining.
  • Furniture with open-faced shelving and storage are popular for kitchen décor.
  • For the living room, you can create a bit of aesthetic look with the bar tables and the furniture around it.

Here are some trending industrial furniture pieces.

  • The Abstract Pendant Lighting- This piece of furniture is usually used in hotels or motels, but it can be used in the designing of lofts, maybe somewhere in the balcony. Just like modern abstract art, it will only make your balcony or the hotel look better.
  • A Ladder Bookshelf- A study room, with rustic white walls, and there is this metal bodied, wooden stepped ladder bookshelf. Can it get any better to attract the youth? It is a perfect piece of furniture and setting for your study room or even your bedroom. Stack some magazines onto the bookshelf, or if you want, you can also keep your collection of coffee mugs out there, and it will do wonders to your area. It is a small, compact and rustic piece of furniture, suited for everywhere.
  • A Nested Coffee Table- It is an innovative way to furnish your office space. Best suited for offices, this coffee table creates an impression of a very classy and chic person, handling all the matters win the most cosmopolitan style but also a tad bit fun! Isn’t it perfect?
  • Antiquated cycle chair- This is what industrial furniture is all about. A cycle kind of look to the chairs adds a hint if industrial touch and some fun poppy colors along with some mandala designed cushions would look absolutely great. Use it in your workplace, especially at the designers’ studios.
  • Automobile Tractor Designed Table- Best for the fun and peppy cafes, this table will give the place the perfect vibe to spend some gala time. With a tractor design that has bright colors, it could be the best corner to click some selfies and have fun!


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