5 Motorbike Winter Care Suggestions to Guard Your Beloved Machine From the Chill

5 Motorbike Winter Care Suggestions to Guard Your Beloved Machine From the Chill

Your bike is the most important part of your life because it moves you from home to office or market or anywhere you want. Although you care your bike with regular maintenance and keep the bike insurance alive every time, you need to take extra care in the winter season. Some little extra care will save you from many hassles that may waste your time, money and efforts.

Buy Good Bike Cover

If your home premises compel you to park your bike in the open, it is important that you buy a good cover for your bike. Before you park your bike, gently wipe the body off, so that dust and moisture do not remain on the body of the vehicle. It is found that 70% engine related issues are raised due to dust or water ingression inside the engine or the pipeline carrying petrol. Many people neglect caring the bike considering two wheeler insurance will save them in case something goes wrong with the bike. However, the problems you will face due to downtime of the bike can cost you much more than actual damage, that no insurance company can compensate.

Get Your Battery Checked

Before winter season picked up, take your bike to the good auto-mobile workshop to check the battery. In lower temperature, the viscosity of the battery chemical may increase, causing difficulty in starting the bike. Since the battery is semi-consumable part of your automobile, it will not be covered fully under your 2 wheeler insurance claim. Hence, it is more important to give extra attention to your battery.

Change the Oil Before Winter

It is the oil that protects your engine from excessive wear and tears. Over the period, due to impurity in petrol or small metal particles, oil loses its functionality. Moreover, lower temperature in winter makes it more viscous. Hence, consider renewing the oil before the winter season starts, in the same way, you apply for bike insurance renewals before the due date!

Lubricate the Chain

The external moving parts like the chain are continuously in motion. In the absence of enough lubrication, metal-to-metal contact may cause excessive wear and tear of the chain. If the chain teeth lose its shape, it directly affects the rotation of the wheel, putting you in trouble. Hence, it is advisable to apply good quality lubrication to the chain and sprocket of the bike every week in the winter. This regular practice will also alert you if something is going wrong with chain-sprocket of your bike, saving you from major damage at a later stage. It has another plus: The insurance company may grant you more IDV (Insured Declared Value) when you apply for bike insurance if there is minimal wear and tear to your bike.

Use Anti-Freeze Additives

It is imperative that water circulation in the radiator and oil circulation in the engine must be up all the time to keep your bike ready to move forever. You can buy the coolant with proper additives suitable for winter to prevent the freezing of water or oil. You don’t have to worry a lot if you don’t understand which additive is proper. While you give your bike to the mechanic before winter, ask your bike mechanic to apply good brand anti-freeze additives.

In a nutshell, such small steps will save you from big trouble due to temperature related issues of the bike in the winter season. Moreover, consider applying for bike insurance from a reputed insurance company like Bajaj Finserv, that also covers your bike for third party bike insurance as well. The proper insurance will supplement your care in case your bike gives you unexpected trouble.


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