5 Things to Know About Freelance Jobs in Malaysia

5 Things to Know About Freelance Jobs in Malaysia

First off, a question that intrigues many a man is what is freelancing gig all about? If you are just starting or are already freelancing in Malaysia, we think this post will come in handy when setting your rates. The best part about opting for gigs is that you can be your own boss and how much money you want to make depends solely on your level of dedication. Unlike traditional 9-5 shift-based work culture, freelance jobs are disrupting the notions of formal employment. So, it becomes imperative that you take special care and attention when taking up freelance jobs in Malaysia.

As a freelancer, you need to plan and determine your working rates before asking for work from clients. Learning the art of setting prices is important for a freelancer; if you price yourself a bit higher than your counterparts, and you might lose on assignment, whereas setting prices too low can make it difficult to sustain yourself in this competitive era.  Here are some points worth-considering when sorting out your freelance rates:

Find out Industry Rates

It goes without saying that researching the standard rates set by industrial trends becomes an important step while pursuing freelance jobs from home. This way, you can ascertain that you are quoting the best price for your project. There are numerous websites that can help you figure out the rates by seeing how other clients are paying for similar projects- Fiverr, work, and  Freelancer to name a few. It comes as no surprise that you may find that freelancers from other countries are charging a different price for same types of projects, just don’t compete with them, and instead focus on your skill sets and quality of work you can deliver in a competitive price range.

Talk to someone who knows it better

Conversing with experienced professionals who know much more than you about freelance jobs will help you gain valuable insights about how high must you charge for your work? These experienced individuals can even share with you the tips to find a new client and negotiate with them. If you don’t know any experienced professionals, you can join online communities that opine a lot about freelance openings, increasing avenues of online freelance jobs, and other related topics.

On what basis do you charge- is it on time or assignment basis?

As a thumb rule, you should bear in mind that the basis of payment for freelance jobs in Malaysia is well defined. You can either quote your project rate based on the amount of time invested in it or depending on the nature of the project that requires your physical presence for on-the-spot reiterations.  

Also, consider added costs incurred on the project completion

Don’t get swayed away by the charm of taking up gig assignments as there is more to it than earning on a timely or assignment basis. Always, factor in the efforts, time and financial costs you might be putting in as well.  For example, your freelance jobs might require you to write some quality articles, for which you may have to dedicate extra hours in activities like researching extensively for it, interacting with the clients, drafting, rewriting, and preparing quotations to name a few.

How much are you willing to stretch?

Taking your costs and expenses into account, you can get a better idea of how much are you willing to set a floor price or the maximum you can ask for.

Be inventive in your approach

Working as a freelancer has its own benefits as there is no one to look up to- you are the boss when it comes to taking up freelance jobs based on your terms and conditions. The more assignments you accomplish, the better you get at your work. Once you have gained prowess in your niche and established a name for yourself, you should have no issues justifying your high fees.


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