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6 Amazing Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali is the occasion when you show your regards to your employees and clients by giving them unique gifts. These gifts should be such as they can cherish it for long. These presents should be classy and useful for your workforce. Some of the corporate Diwali gift ideas are discussed as follows:

Gift hampers: You can get gift hampers made that can include sweets, dry fruits, and chocolates. These hampers can be packed in a beautiful cane basket cover with a net. Also, you can add different items of your choice in the basket other than sweets and dry fruits. Such hamper gives a rich look and symbolizes your status among your clients and employees.

Wall clock: Another great and classy option for gifting on Diwali to you clients and employees is wall clock. You can get them customized with your firm name. Try choosing neutral colours so that it goes well with any wall colour. Try and go for a good brand wall clock.

Silver or gold coated souvenirs: you can also consider some gold or silver plated metal souvenirs like Ganesha and Lakshmi idols, snacks platters, bowls, and glasses. Also, there are several show pieces available in the market like silver coated rose vases, etc. These are considered royal gifts. These can be presented in a beautiful velvet covered boxes. These boxes are blue or red in colour. You can get these gifts engraved with your company name so that your clients or employees could remember it for long.

A tray of dry fruits: Gifting dry fruits on Diwali is a tradition from old times.  Dry fruits are considered to be a luxurious gift. Therefore, you can buy dry fruits in bulk and get them filled in trays, jars, or platters for a bright presentation. Dry fruits are loved by all, and it is a useful gift. Nowadays, dry fruits come in various forms like roasted, sugar-coated, and salted; therefore, it can also be considered for gifting.

A branded set of a diary and pen: Pen and diary set is a classic corporate gift. You can get your diary customized with a rich looking leather flap, and branded pen. It can be gifted in a smart leather box with your company name engraved or embossed on it.

Crockery: Crockery gifting is quite trendy. It is a useful item, and all like a good set of cups and saucers, or a dinner set. These days’ designer crockery is available in affordable price. Also, Good brand electric appliances like electric kettle, blender, or a toaster can fit in the budget. This kind of utility items is liked by all, weather gifting in a corporate world or to family or friends.

These are some feasible gifting ideas for your business colleagues, employees, or clients. Diwali is a festival of light and joy; therefore, it is good to fill joy in the life of your loved ones by just gifting them a small souvenir. Also, it helps to build strong business relationships. You can search for Diwali gifts online for more such ideas.

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