9Apps- The One Stop Club of Android Entertainment

What is 9Apps?

In this 21st century where life is full of hustle and bustle who will not like the idea of having all desired apps at one stop? That’s why 9Apps provides  the exact want of customers. It was founded in the year 1999 by Alibaba Group of Company. It is a China based company. Initially it was limited to some countries but it’s popularity and efficiency gained a greater field in the global market. For an avid Android user it’s a really useful application. It is the second most used after Google Play Store.

What makes you choose 9Apps?

As said earlier too, the factors that make 9Apps get the upper hand of most other third party app stores or more preciselythe various benefits are:

  • 9Apps contains those apps which are not available in play store or one has to buy the desired app to use it.
  • The speed is one of the main benefits, saving the user’s time.
  • It usesless space of the device as the application is merely of 3-4 megabytes.
  • Like other apps 9Apps does not track or restrict any ofthe users activity. It allows full freedom.
  • It’s a third party application.
  • Easily available.

How to install 9Apps?

As it is a third party application app one has to follow some steps to install the same. First one has to go to any site or go to their official site of 9Apps where the Apk file version of the app is available. Then after downloading that file, the user has to first manage the settings of the device by going on the settings manager. There,in an option named App Security,the user has to allow to download from unknown sources. After this, the file will be installed and ready to use. The user need not to worry about the security purpose as it is guaranteed by the site. The application doesn’t require any long process to install as other apps may.

How does9Appswork?

The functioning of this application is really simple. The process is much easier as it is available in seven different languages,one can easily switch into his/her desired or  familiar language. Moreover, it is an app which has a lot of other apps to download and it is very secure and trusted.All these basic requirements are available in one app. Also it encourages feedback by allowing one to review the negative points and they try to develop the best possible way to make it more updated and bug free which tells  that they are a customer oriented app.

How to download other apps from 9Apps?

The apps are systematically ordered according to one’s desire and choice. All the apps are just one click away. What makes it’s more efficient is there are numerous variety of one category making it more attractive. Not only one can get only apps from 9Apps, one can download ringtones, wallpapers, music, screensaver and many more. It’s a club for all the entertainment in one go. Moreover, the signup process is not necessary.Thus, the reason behind it’s sustainability in the market is because of it’s free, fast, efficient and attracting features.


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