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Abroad Education Consultants – How to Deal With Them?

Recently, few complaints against Overseas Education Consultant have come into limelight. These Abroad Education Consultants mint money from candidates in the name of giving admission to foreign Universities and then give admission to fake universities.

But that doesn’t mean the whole Industry of Overseas Education Consultants is fake. What is required is some important guidelines/precautions should be followed so that you do not fall into the trap of forgery.

Many times below-mentioned lines are published in Advertisement-

“Study worldwide, free counselling, free visa-free scholarship assistance and immigration processing, free IELTS training and testing”.

Does the above statement seem unreasonable?

Yes, but some students dreaming to study overseas are lured by these false hopes. These false hopes are sold by some abroad education consultants and consequently many students get trapped in a mesh of Education Consultants. Adding further, Some Consultants charges the hidden fees after taking an Initial deposit.

However, you will also find genuine Overseas Education consultants. What is required is you should take appropriate steps and precautionary measures to avoid the trap.

Some of the foreign education consultants lure the innocent students with juicy advertisements like free admission, 100 percent scholarship, on spot admission, and so on. Consequently, these ads generate interest among students and Parents. The consultants engage them in sweet-talk, then students along with parents transact with the consultant and finally, the deal is done. Now the consultant charges a fee from the student and at the same time gets paid by the college too. Then, the offer of free admission or scholarship often vanishes after giving various excuses, like the offer just lapsed or the student has not scored required marks.

Given the amount of high commission offered by colleges, few Overseas Consultants push the student to non-reputed college. The reason being; lower the grade of a college, the higher is the commission of the consultant.


How to Avoid Traps of Some Fraud Education Consultants?

  • The candidate while choosing a college should undertake the research himself. Do not accept words of consultants as the universal truth.
  • Google the details of the University; ask your well-wishers and try to contact students already living overseas.
  • Visit at least six to seven consultancies before making a final decision.
  • Also, Compare the fee details told by different Universities and choice of colleges offered by them and then pick the best option among all.
  • Never submit the original documents to consultancies. Try to contact the college independently and cross-check the fraud consultant.
  • Always read the fine print when the scholarship is offered to you. Most scholarships are just for namesake and it makes no difference as only a meagre amount in tuition fee is deducted. Also, calculate entire package and fee per year for the course duration.
  • Always Google the college website and crosscheck the fee and other procedure. Call them by phone or video-conferencing and again verify if the consultant is telling the truth about the fee structure.
  • Always give first preference to reputed institutes and colleges affiliated to government universities.
  • Pay fee by a draft or cheque in the name of the college. Do not pay college fee directly to the consultant. Whatever you pay to a consultant should be against a proper receipt.
  • Google the college name and verify if there are any cheating cases registered against that college. Also, refer to reviews published by former students for the particular colleges on various websites.
  • Don’t get tempted by beautifully designed brochures and campus pictures of colleges. Always remember the more college advertises the lesser rank they have. Good colleges don’t need to advertise and generally doesn’t advertise.

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