Ascertain PNR Status

How to Ascertain PNR Status

While you are considering a journey by Indian Railways, you will want to get information about some details. These include PNR status,  running status of trains, train schedule, train coach position, trains between stations, station codes, booking for train tickets and train number and name.

PNR status is a crucial concern in train enquiry. So, what is PNR? It refers to Passenger Name Record. It helps to record information in the databank of Computer Reservation System of Indian Railways (IR-CRS). It contains details of the journey of one passenger or passengers travelling in groups.

In sum, when a railway ticket happens to be reserved in a train of the Indian Railways, complete passenger details are maintained in centralized reservation system database. Details are linked to a distinct 10 digit number. Such a reference number can be termed as PNR and gets printed on top of the ticket.

Personal information of passenger like gender, age, name, etc. gets saved in this database with regard to the reference number. This consists of columns to keep records of the ticket’s booking status as well as present status.

It is a fact that all trains have restricted quantum of seats. Thus, sometimes you may not be able to get hold of a reserved confirmed ticket. Tickets you get in this scenario are either RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) or WL (Waitlisted). The booking status changes when reserved seats become available because of cancellation. The current, new status is indicated by the status of PNR.

PNR Location

The number of PNR is usually printed on the left corner on top of printed tickets. Such tickets include those that are collected from Train booking window of stations. With regard to E-ticket (those tickets booked via IRCTC or online), PNR number is located at the top in the centre.

How to ascertain PNR Status?

PNR status can be ascertained through several mediums. Among the most popular are:

  • Enquiry of PNR status via online websites.
  • Using SMS to check current status of reservation
  • Mobile applications
  • Using counters for railway enquiry at railway stations
  • Final charts of reservation

PNR Status via Online Websites:

Nowadays, this is one of the most popular modality to enquire about PNR status currently, since it is reliable and simple.

Among many, IXIGO is the most popular travel website for tour planning and destination search in India. You can find all details about hotels, , , flights, and trains, all in one place. You can also look for the most regular and fastest trains here. You can ascertain train inquiry like real-time availability of tickets on Indian Railways. IXIGO PNR app can be used to check berth status on a waitlisted ticket, and it may even provide a prediction of the probability of confirmation.

Checking PNR Using SMS

SMS service has been launched by Railways for the sake of PNR enquiry for improving the satisfaction of customers. This is a convenient mode for passengers, who do not have access to the net. One can SMS to 139 and 5676747 to get PNR status.

Mobile Applications

In recent times, several mobile apps have been created for Windows, iOS and Android phones. This is a convenient mode for most travellers.

Counters for Railway Enquiry

You can just contact personnel of the Railways at the enquiry counters.

These are all some aspects of checking PNR status.

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