Australian Tourist Visa – Make Your Next Holiday in Australia

Your holiday add colors and unforgettable moments to life. What about the idea of getting an Australian visa to make your next holiday in Australia. Yes, Australia is one of the amazing destinations in the world with excellent tourist spots.

The country is rich with beautiful beaches and other destinations to provide complete range of amazements and amusements. Most of the people from India visit Australia every year to bring some some of the fantastic moments and experiences. With world class restaurants and hotels, your stay in the country is made fun and comfort packed.

Apply for tourist visa

You can start your application process with a valid passport. The first and most important requirement to apply for Australian tourist visa online is a valid passport. Here are the important things to consider before making your application.

Application form 

At present, there is no need for you to depend on tiring paper applications since you can make use of the online application. Online application makes you free from unnecessary walks to the offices.

Personal documents

Some of the important set of personal documents includes all pages of passport, valuable identity cards, address proofs and passport sized photographs.

Tour details

It is better to make a complete plan of your tour details and to keep the same in your hand when submitting the application to avoid confusions.

Financial documents

You should have copies of bank statements, taxation documents of last 3 years and statutory declaration from friend or relative in Australia about their financial status in case if they fund your holiday. Even if you are funded by friend or relative, it is must for you to provide the evidence of your financial status.

Employment details 

In case if you are employed, you should get a letter from your employer that defines the position and salary, confirming the leave for holiday and length of employment. The letter should contain the full details and designation of the person providing the letter.

Health and character requirements

You should get police clearance certificate to prove your character and health certificate from a reputed medical center. You have to complete health declaration service before or at least at the time of filing the application.

In case of children under the age of 18, you have to get ‘no objection certificate’ from non accompanying parent.

Professional help

Even though you can submit the application through online, it is better to get the professional help to make the application process completely free from any of the errors or mistakes. They can help you in making a perfect tourist plan based on your expectations and budget.

They help you a lot in meeting all of the documents for submitting the application for Australian tourist visa for Indian citizens. With excellent professional experience, they can submit the application on behalf of you with all relevant and required documents.

Now it is your time to apply for Australian tourist visa to make the holiday in the laps of Australia to create some of the unforgettable moments.

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