Belly Button Pop Out: A Risk?

Various questions and confusions pop up in would be mothers’ mind after their doctors confirmed their pregnancy. Among all such questions one major question which most of the mothers have is when will my belly button would pop out during pregnancy.And, if it will happen, then when it will appear. Again if someone doesn’t experience the same then if she should worry about it and consult doctor.

When and why pregnancy belly buttons pop out?

It is a weird side effect of pregnancy that most women experience at around 26 week of pregnancy or during third trimester. It causes due to the pressure from a pregnant woman’s expanding uterus and the skin surrounding belly gets stretched. The rapidly expanding uterus pushes the abdomen forward causing in protruding pregnant belly button.

Again some women doesn’t develop an belly button pop out. And it cannot be predicted before that this phenomenon will happen to you or not. Belly button pop out is not related with gaining weight during pregnancy or on the baby’s weight. The belly button also comes back to normal post-pregnancy. Thus it is a temporary problem and nothing is there to worry about it.

Is there anything should be done?

The belly button which is popped out is harmless and thus should not be worried about during pregnancy. It will get back to normal position after delivery of the newborn. Sometimes in few women it look like a little stretched out or lived in. The belly button pop out doesn’t also correlate with baby’s gender.

A popped out belly button will cause any problem further?

Some have an idea that in some cases the popped out belly button progresses to umbilical hernia problem. This causes when someone have a small hole or defect in the abdominal wall before being pregnant. After being pregnant she naturally experiences excessive weight gain. This puts pressure or stress on the weak area of the abdominal wall. And thus causes hernia and becomes painful when the hole gets enlarged during pregnancy.

It can be noticed easily around the umbilical area. This problem should be cured before attempting to be pregnant once more. In some cases umbilical hernia become sore and should be consulted with doctor for cure. As if the umbilical hernia becomes confined much then the tissues will be trapped in the defective area and thus needs surgery to get repaired. Umbilical hernia is very common in premature babies.

To conclude not all popped belly buttons emerge. It has a lot to do with how tight your stomach is before hand which is of course a guess. With exercise it is going to be dependent on whether you had an assisted delivery in the form of C section or a natural delivery. In case of nature it is safe from the world go. In case of the others the body is going to take some amount of time to heal. A point to consider is that breastfeeding does help to shed those extra kilos much faster than anticipated.

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