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The Best Flower & Plants Gifts for Various Occasions

Everyone loves celebrating birthdays with loved ones and their friends. One thing that makes that day stand out for the celebrant is receiving gifts. If you want to make the day memorable for someone then gift them a bouquet of flowers.

Flowers though are mostly admired by women more than men. Therefore when you gift a man flowers make sure it should value a sweet gesture rather than making them feel awkward about it. Having said that there are numerous options when it comes to flowers so let’s discuss some of the best flower gifts:

  1. Roses: Roses are best for almost any occasions. If you want to gift to your romantic love then red roses can be the best birthday gift. On the other hand, if you want to gift a rose bouquet to your friends or family member then you can gift them a bouquet of white rose as they symbolize purity. At the same time, yellow roses are also a perfect gift option for friends. Flower delivery in Dehradun or in any other city can help you deliver roses to your loved ones.
  2. Liliesand Orchids: A bouquet comprising of purple orchids and lilies is a perfect wedding gift as they look rich and exotic. Lilies symbolize prosperity while orchids symbolize beauty, love, strength and luxury and hence this is an appropriate wedding bouquet.
  3. Purple Orchids: A bouquet of orchids is a perfect gift your female friends as they don’t have romantic overtone and are also easy to care. Hence it will be appreciated by the recipient of this beautiful bouquet of orchids.
  4. Tropical Hibiscus Plant: Pamper your loved ones with this amazing Hibiscus plant. The beautiful and vibrant flowers of this plant will certainly take the breath away of the recipient. Pack this plant vase with orange packing paper as it will add more grace to this plant. Do try sending this elegant plant via flower delivery in Dehradun or maybe some others and see the smile on recipients face.
  5. Money Plant: Money plant is said to bring prosperity. Thus gifting this plant on the occasion of new house party pooja or even on birthdays makes a very good gifting idea. Everyone loves to keep a money plant in their houses and hence this gift will be highly appreciated and will be a memorable one as well.
  6. Carnations: No matter what the occasion is, be it a wedding party or a lavish birthday party, the pink carnations will add some colour to the recipient’s gift box.

You can also add a twist or can innovate with a bouquet by choosing mixed flowers. Lilies and Daisies work really well together and is an ideal option when it comes to gifting younger friends or family members. To get the right mix work with the best online portal in order to get the mixing right. Also, add some interesting item with flower arrangement to make it look even prettier and complete birthday or wedding gift. Cookies, Fruits, Chocolates, and balloons among others are some of the best add-ons.

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