Blue Sapphire And Its Impeccable Benefits

Blue Sapphire And Its Impeccable Benefits

Blue sapphire also known as ‘Neelam Stone’ is a gemstone that holds an extreme value for the celestial hope, faith, wisdom and reality. It symbolizes power and strength. Blue sapphire has been given religious and spiritual value from centuries ago. It is also called as ‘gem of heaven’.  This continues in present time too, many well-known personalities use this sapphire for the good fortune, and better lifestyle. It provides owner with the protection from the evil energies and strengthen the spiritual insight. It is a stone of wisdom, mental calmness and psychic activation. In ancient times kings wore these blue sapphires to protect from harm and destruction.

Blue sapphire has different sorts of belief in different religion. In Hindu community it is believed to protect from evil and bring opportunities in life. But Buddhist believes it has a power to bring spiritual enlightenment and devotion. And in Christianity, people wear it as ecclesiastical ring. In a nutshell, blue sapphire is a powerful gemstone that improves your living physically and spiritually.

Why is Blue sapphire used/ worn by people nowadays?

Blue sapphire is a classic blue colored stone with religious and spiritual belief which is always in fashion. Blue sapphire provides owner with the right path of life, leads them to the opportunities. It is also best for the calmness of mental stress, anger management and spiritual insight. Blue sapphire gemstone provides the positive energy to take the right decision for the owner. It holds a great astrological value. Many people have been claiming that, after their use of blue sapphire, their love life has been settled, financial status has been improved and health has been sound and better. This Neelam stone also has the healing power physically and mentally, that calms you and strengthens the decision making abilities. Blue sapphire gemstone provides you energy for your work and shield owner from the laziness and tiredness. It is also the fastest acting gemstone among all and best for the September born that suppress the negative thoughts and embraces the positive vibes.

It can be worn in a ring or a necklace embarked on a gold or silver according to wearer’s astrology. The best finger for the blue sapphire is middle finger where it has the maximum impact. It is popular for the special occasion like engagement and wedding rings.

Blue sapphire in market

Blue sapphire ranges its color from pale blue to cornflower blue to royal blue, navy blue and midnight blue. And hence the price is in accordance to the color of the gemstone. It is one of the rare gemstone so; it is not available in every store out there. The main source of the blue sapphire is Sri Lanka, and the biggest platform where you can get is Indian market. Besides, Madagascar, Australia, Thailand, Kenya, Burma, Kashmir, Vietnam, Nigeria has also been trading the Blue sapphires around the world.   Blue sapphire has always been in fashion along with its religious and spiritual belief, so it is a costly jewelry among all.

Blue sapphire’s main quality is its color, and it is graded into carats in accordance to the color and surface finish. Blue sapphire above 5 carat is very rare and highly expensive.

Cautious points before wearing blue sapphires:

If the blue sapphire gemstone is not worn properly without knowing the position of Saturn, it may bring negative energies. So always consult with a professional astrologer for the wearing procedure for the positive impact. This gemstone must not be removed on owner’s will, because it may disturb the Saturn energies. Never put off of take out while eating or bathing on a whim, only follow the astrologers suggestion on its removal. It is believed that, the Neelam stone once worn by one owner should not be wearing by any other. It badly affects the impact of the stone. So never ever give this stone to anyone to wear. These mal-activities may fierce the Saturn’s energy and causes bad impact on wearers life. So this stone is meant to be worn properly along with the counseling with a professional astrologer as this stone has the immense power. As blue sapphire has a hard property so it can be cleaned by any ways, and is meant to be cleaned time and again.


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