Book Corporate Wedding Hall in Melbourne, Australia

Book Corporate Wedding Hall in Melbourne, Australia

There are many corporate and wedding hall for hire in Australia, but booking a wedding and cooperate hall in Melbourne hotel can captivate the wedding of your dream. Corporate, wedding & function venue in Melbourne offers remarkable packages including a variety of wedding halls you can choose from and make the wedding you will live to remember.

Mural Hall is an excellent example of the best hotel that offers elegant wedding and corporate rooms. Their packages also comprise endless discoveries, entertainment, and excitement-packed retail experiences.

Private Wedding and Other Events

Mural Hall offers great halls where you can host your private meeting and events. They are equipped with a certified and experienced team that aims to deliver a near perfection as possible on every side of each event. Probably, it is a fact that perfection is an unchangeable target.

Whether you are looking for a wedding hall or venue, Mural Hall Hotel has covered the entire private and wedding events necessities. In Mural Hall hotel all you are requires to do to obtain these facilities, contact management and hire the wedding specialists to plan a colorful wedding for you. You will definitely achieve the best at Mural hotel, contemporary design, and classic-pillar less hall, giant LED, and extensive stage.

Meeting package

Corporate, wedding & function venue at Mural Hall, Melbourne also includes an intimate domestic meeting of 15 delegate function capacity of 200 people. You can also enjoy elegant benefits such as suitable services for your session and incredible hotel facilities for your events. Discuss with Mural Hall team and share what is necessarily required so as ensure your event a success and they revert to you with a quotation.

Business Meeting

Have you been looking for a perfect meeting room in Melbourne? Just book a stay in Australia international hotel and explore the reasonable packages, including elegant meeting rooms that cater to all your requirements.

Mural Hall hotel comprises an impressive package; thus, they are directing an essential way of thinking. It is time they’ve decided to share a fresh new approach to events to bring people and organize together.

Spacious and Stylish guest rooms

Mural Hall Hotel contains 15 single breakout rooms that can be collaborated to accommodate higher volume for individuals with significant events. Clients are welcomed to share their concern and contacts regarding the services offered in the hotel.

 Book a stay in Melbourne International Hotel at least two weeks in advance to enjoy 20 percent savings on the cost of your room rates! Accommodation in all the rooms is offered on their Best-Available-Rate or terms Rate of Bed and Breakfast. The following are other services include the package:

  • Free high internet speed access (Wi-Fi)
  • Free shuttle services to the town center
  • Free one vehicle parking fees (per room)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Complete booking room is a non-refundable deposit.
  • A confirmed booking cannot be canceled modified.
  • Changes in rates may apply
  • Proposals do not apply to whichever promotions.

Melbourne city comprises a sophisticated financial district and most prominent shopping center in the country.


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