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Chrome Lover? Surf the web a bit differently using Torch

Chrome can’t service out-of-the-box when comes to fulfilling all your needs, especially related to multimedia. If you are a music/video aficionado and heaving all the time playing multimedia, then Torch is the choice for you.

Torch browser is a freeware, Chromium based web browser taking the Internet by storm.  Though the web browser seems like Chrome at the very first glance, features like Built-in Bit Torrent makes it stand out of the competition. Here’s how Torch Browser is better than its rival Chrome.

Torch is the only browser that comes with so many important features by default when compared to others. Especially to fulfil multimedia needs, it is used by hundreds of thousands of users every day. Let’s walk through all the major features of Torch Brower which are giving it an edge from the competition.

  • One of the most impressive features of the Torch web browser is its tile-based drag-and-drop user interface. The feature is simple yet powerful, allowing you to simply drop a link, an image, any text or whatever you want to share onto an appropriate tile.
  • Other best feature of the Torch is its built-in torrent client that lets you download torrent files directly from your web browser, making the process of downloading torrent files extremely simple and hassle-free.
  • Torch also has a built-in media grabber, which helps in saving embedded audios and videos as a file on your system. Using the feature, you can save any audio/video with the blink of an eye even without needing any external programs, extensions or converters. Best of all, it saves all audios and videos in separate files.
  • Torch browser makes downloading from the web super-easy with the help of its download accelerator. You can anytime turn the feature on or off as you fancy. Apart from that, Torch also packs Hola allowing you to access region-locked audios and videos in a jiffy.
  • Torch Player is other amazing feature of Torch web browser which is boon to music lovers as there is no need to download an addition media player to listen to audios and watch videos. It can even play partially downloaded torrents, thus there is no need to hang around while the torrent is finishing download of an audio or video.
  • Torch Music is also there to meet the requirements of music lovers. It comes with unique music portal that offers abundance of music options along with plenty of videos from YouTube. There is no need to be a tech-savvy to use the Torch Music as managing the Torch Music is a cake walk.
  • Feeling bored? Torch got you covered in this aspect also with Torch Games. This gives you an access to hundreds of amazing games to kill boredom. Moreover, all the games offered by the browser are free to play and demands no downloading or signing in.

The list of Torch features is endless. Rest, you can explore from your own by downloading Torch Browser on your system. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the Torch browser and its features in the comment section below. Happy web browsing!

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