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Consume These Foods and Drinks to Have Stronger Teeth

You are what you eat – seems like a passé adage, but it never fails. If you ask any health expert or physician, he or she will definitely tell you that the food and drinks you consume have significant impact on your body, whether it is your heart, bones, and teeth. Have you ever wondered what types of food and drinks which are best for your teeth? If so, continue reading because we will list down some of the common foods that can make your teeth stronger and healthier.

Nowadays, most people care less about the food they eat because of their busy schedule and unhealthy lifestyle. If you are the type of person who just munches out any food prepared on the table, you may want to think twice if you want to have good set of teeth until you reach your senior years. If you ask any good invisalign retainer professional he or she will definitely tell you that the health of your teeth greatly rely on the type of diet you subscribe to. In relation to this, if you want a healthier set of teeth, you would want to consume these types of food and drinks:

Despite the proven scientific claims about the importance of calcium for maintain healthy teeth, many people do not pay attention to it. If you want your teeth to be healthier and stronger, you would want to introduce milk into your diet. The calcium in milk has been proven to protect your teeth from different types of gum diseases as well as your jaw bone. In fact, it was found out that people who suffer from periodontal disease are those who lack calcium in their daily diet. Milk does not only make your teeth and gums stronger but your whole skeletal system, making your bones healthier.

Including fatty fish like salmon and mackerel to your usual diet can dramatically help your teeth’s health. Dishes with fatty fish on it are rich with vitamin D, which is an important component in making your teeth healthier. Vitamin D permits your body to absorb and use calcium you take, and as mentioned above, calcium makes your teeth and bones stronger. Simply put, if you want the calcium you consume to play its role, you have to consume foods and drinks rich in vitamin D, and fatty fish is a good source of it.

Fruits that are rich in vitamin C are certainly the ones you would need if you want to improve your oral health. Fruits like oranges, grapefruits, clementine, sour oranges, citron, and lemons are some of the most common and popular citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are good source of vitamin C, which is important in strengthening the blood vessels and connective tissues in your gums. Additionally, vitamin C helps reduce or slow development of gingivitis. If you want to make your teeth and gums healthier, then including citrus fruits into your diet will definitely help you achieve that goal.

This may surprise you but water can definitely improve your oral health. When eat, there are food debris left in between our teeth, and there’s no better drink to wash it away than water. Water also helps your saliva level high, making your general oral health better. Instead of drinking sodas and sweet drinks, you would want to drink water instead.

Consuming these foods and drinks can only do so much to your oral health if you don’t practice proper oral hygiene. In order to have healthier teeth and gums, it is a must that you brush and floss your teeth regularly. It is also extremely important to visit your invisalign retainer expert or dentist regularly to have your oral health checked.


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