Details and Specifications of Canadian Experience Class

The article is all about the Canadian experience class. You will get to know the facilities enjoyed by the citizens and the list of advantages to explore. For the specific category you should complete the Express Entry Profile and this is the initial step to migrate to Canada on permanent basis and enjoy the position of the skilled worker. This is made to happen as part of the specific working class. You can even make use of the come to Canada tool for the best of experience. There are certain things you should make sure as part of the Canada experience class.

Knowing in Details of the Job

It is the kind of Canadian experience class immigration program and there are more things to know as part of the process. To be a part of the Express Entry you should be having twelve months of skilled working experience in Canada. This should be three years before you make the application. The work can be on full time basis and depending on the crucial aspect of the job it can even be a part time working experience. However, you have to gain the kind of Canadian work experience with the apposite authorization. You should also meet with the needed language levels and the language ability is required for the profession.

The Required Eligibility

For the express entry of the Canadian Experience Class you should have eligibility of writing, reading, speaking and listening. These are essential criterion needed when you plan to live outside the Quebec province. However, you can have the kind of personal professional experience as a full time student. To be a part of CEC you should be having skilled work experience before three years of application. Based on the norms of Canadian National Occupational Classification or NOC the skilled work experience comes with several implications.

Talking about the Experiences

If you are without the NOC skill level you would be required for the managerial jobs. If you have NOC skill type A you can take part in the Canadian professional jobs. Similarly if you have NOC skill type B you can take part in the technical jobs and the skilled trading. For this you should have an experience of 12 months full time working experience. You should even prove that you have done your duties according to the occupational description of NOC. In case your experience does not match with the NOC description, your application will not be accepted for the Canadian experience class.

Relevance of Education

To be a part of the Canadian experience class immigration program you don’t need to have specific education. However, you need to earn the points for the education under Express Entry. If you have gone to the Canadian school you need to have a certificate or a diploma or degree from the Canadian secondary high school or the Canadian post secondary school. You can even have the kind of foreign education and for the same you can be a part of Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from an approved agency. This will help in proving the legitimacy of the certificate.

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