According to most people, the word steroid should be related only to men. The reason behind is, as per them, the intake of anabolic steroids leads to massive and muscular manly bodies. They hardly have any clue about the recent partnership between women and steroids. Though these steroids come with a threat to destroy their femininity, today’s women have accepted the fact and welcomed them gladly. They believe that with responsible usage they can prove the world that women and anabolic steroids can co-exist peacefully.

The benefits you can expect

There are four chief reasons why most women count on Anavarinspite of the side effects warning on women:

  • It helps you to burn fat – Anavar is known to burn fat in two ways. It has the capacity to reduce the level of cortisol a catabolic hormone that stores fat, to a great extent and also regulates the insulin level.
  • It helps you to gain strength or build muscle –Anavar is considered as one of the best steroids for gaining strength. It also adds lean muscle mass. This effect in mild in males, but in women you can expect a good result.

  • It doesn’t give you the masculine look–Since,Anavar is not a very strong androgenic steroid. So when women take it, they do not develop that huge physique. It can be taken without any worry of attaining a masculine look.

  • The side effects are comparatively mild – Two of the main side effects you can face with the use of Anavar are reduced testosterone and stress on the liver. In women, since they have only a fraction of the male hormone testosterone, so they do not face this problem. The next side effect of causing stress on the liver can also be ignored as the liver can heal and recover itself during the off-cycle.

Beware of the side effects

Like all other steroids, both men and women are likely to experience side effects of some kind or the other with the usage of Anavar. Women, particularly,have a higher chance of experiencing the same and the results might be quite unpleasant. Some of the side effects caused by Anavar in women are increased or decreased libido, hair loss, vomiting,nausea, excess body hair, irregularity in the menstrual cycle, clitoral enlargement, acne along with oily skin. They should also monitor their voice regularly as Anavar leads to deepening of voice in female users. If you come across any of these side effects it is advised that you stop using the steroid immediately.

Minimizing the side effects

Before you start using the drug, you should be aware of the side effects warning on women. Normally, the average dosage of Anavar in women is about 5 to 20mg. This depends on whether you are using it in your cutting or bulking phase. But this dose may not be effective for everyone. The best way to avoid any kind of side effect is taking a responsible dose for a short period ideally not more than 6 weeks. Anavar is basically one of the mildest, most trusted and safe steroids for bodybuilding. It is the favorite steroid amongst the women bodybuilders because of its mild properties.


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