Event Tech Trends That Shaped the Business meetings in UK 2019

Event Tech Trends That Shaped the Business meetings in UK 2019

Google returns more than 98 million listings for “bad meeting” query. Bad meeting is not just only the cause of money and time waste, because of the bad meeting, employee became dumb and stupid. According to Huffington articles “Bad business meetings are making you dumb”. Meetings became a very popular and powerful tool for any business, but it is widely taken misjudged.

Research conducted by Microsoft worldwide, which represent that every business company spent approximately six hours in meetings per week and 70% of people specified that meeting was awful. Bad meeting results became the reason of disaster and bad impact for company business, sales and also could be the cause of negative impact on teamwork and company employee.

Annette Catino, chief executive of the QualCare Alliance Network said that:

“Give me an agenda or else I’m not going to sit there, because if I don’t know why we’re in meeting, then there’s no reason for the meeting.”

This is the thought of every business company owner which will give you separate time for meeting, and if the meeting failed than the business goals will finish. Business companies earning millions of dollars from their successful business meetings. Where technology affecting every field of life and becoming the reason for innovations in different fields, technology also has been changing the business shape, trends and strategies. With the use of technology tools in the meeting, the ratio of the successful meeting became high.

Availability of technology

The value of meeting has enormous. But make sure one thing in every condition, you should provide the technology devices such as iPad’s, tablets, etc to your meeting employees. Because with these technology devices they could perform very well and in an energetic way. Which could lead the meeting to the way of success. For this purpose, companydidn’t need to bear the extra expense, most of the business organizations take the iPad on rent from iPad hirecompanies for short terms of period. Availability of iPad would be a highly effective step and also this step will encourage the employee effort. Which will enhance the employee trust and confidence.

Here is the list of some tech trends:

  • Be Prepared
  • Focus on Target and Goals
  • Virtual reality
  • Multitasking disadvantage

Be prepared

First successful step for the effective meeting is that you have to preparefor your meeting agenda. If you can’t be able to give them the actual representation of your meeting agenda then might be possible you could face the horrible result from your meeting. Therefore, you need to do your all work complete before the meeting for successful results even who will represent which part should be decided before meeting. For proper preparation, you need technology devices. Because with them, meeting team could easily remember their roles in meetings and all list of topics could easily remember. So as we already discussed tablet, iPad, and other related electronic devices are an essential factor for every meeting employee. Usually, companies take the tablet on rent from iPad rental companies and acquire the fruitful result from their meetings.

Focus on Targets and Goals

It’s a very tough and difficult task for anyone to get the focus of many people during the meeting. You could distract from your meeting target if the meeting objective has not defined first. You need to set what is your target and goals, and how you could accomplish them. Which steps if you take willgive you benefit. Anyhow, you need to remember what you want from the meeting.

Technology provides you the opportunity to get the benefits from your meetings, events and trade shows.


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