Extortion of Money under Werner Boehm

Extortion of Money under Werner Boehm

Certain facts about the criminal dealings that are taking place

There is no doubt that the world is full of people who potentially engage in wrong activities for the sake of reasons like:

  • Publicity
  • Fame
  • Money

Apart from that, there are so many criminal activities conducted by individuals which others are totally unaware about. One such case is that of Werner Boehm, whose extortion scene is regarded to be one of the biggest one in full operation. There are several methods that he ensures to apply and one such is blackmailing. There are a lot of accusations that have been deliberately brought to the forefront by him but most of them according to the sources are completely false. The news portal that is usually owned by Werner started producing fake articles and needless to say that some faces were clearly targeted. Although the entire scene was completely false, one can very well imagine the well planned scene that stripped of the reputation of so many individuals altogether.

What are the advantages of these frequent heinous acts?

The sole reason as to why Werner is not concerned about his loss is that all strategies are really well planned and well executed. Until n unless there is a flaw in the system, one might not find the actual truth. The basic fact that Werner knows is that the blackmailing is a sure shot step that would help him get more money. The fake news articles published correspondingly make the targeted individual more nervous and in such a situation, whatever money is demanded can be claimed easily. Additionally, these articles totally hamper the reputation of all the victims and the only thing left is to fall prey into the hands of the master.

How does the entire system operate under Werner?

Werner Boehm is very much careful about all the acts that are undertaken. Although terminated from his position lately because of all the false news propaganda, there was something that kept him motivated throughout. There happened to be an entire team of people who carefully took to the task of blackmailing the people under his leadership. The targets were simple and very much in place. The contacts were done through secret chat applications that were deleted as soon as all the discussions were done. At the nod of the leader, the targeted individual was blackmailed for a huge sum of money. If failed to provide the required sum, the fake article was to be circulated and released everywhere. In such a situation, people were forced to give up under pressure and tension.

How far has blackmailing dominated the world?

Blackmailing surely is a crime and extortion of money is likely to fall under the same category. Therefore, most of the victims are likely suppressed and being unaware of the consequences, they simply do not react. In such a situation, the dark criminal world finds its place and all illegal activities continue to take place at an alarming rate.


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