New Delhi’s International Airport

Facilities you can avail at New Delhi’s International Airport

One of the most important airports in India, the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is also one of the most advanced and developed airports in the country. It houses three terminals, although only two of them are presently in use. There are plans for the construction of an additional three terminals. There are two important runways at the airport. The Indira Gandhi International Airport serves more than 50 million passengers every year, and this number grows by millions every year. The number is estimated to grow to over 100 million passengers by 2026.

Major Flight Carriers at the Delhi Airport

  • Air India
  • IndiGo
  • JetAirways

Facilities at the Indira Gandhi International Airport

Shopping and Dining

The Delhi Airport has numerous facilities for shopping and dining. A majority of these facilities are present in the all new Terminal 3. The terminal 1D has limited facilities. It is mainly used for all domestic flights that are operated by airlines aside from the top carriers.

At Terminal 3, you will be treated to highly modern facilities both air-side and land-side. You will be greeted by many cafes, bars, and restaurants, along with a large variety of shops that will cover all your shopping needs. This terminal, in the Indira Gandhi International Airport, is the closest India has to modern Western Airports.


If you want to get some sleep while at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, you can do so in either terminal 1 or in terminal 3. Having said that, it is important to know that because the airport functions around the clock, it will almost never be quiet, making it harder for you to catch some well-deserved sleep. So based on your Mumbai to Delhi flights schedule, you may be able to get a few winks of sleep. If comfort is what you are looking for, then you can experience this at the airport hotel, which is present in terminal 3, or you can also use the sleeping pods. The former is situated inside the area for security in the Delhi Airport, so it caters to basically everyone who is passing through the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Moreover, you can find a few airport hotels as well at the Aero city which isn’t too far away. The best one available is the famous JW Marriott. The hotels located there are all new and are barely a 5 to 10 min drive from the airport.


There are almost an uncountable number of lounges at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. These lounges can be used either by you having a business or a first class plane ticket, or by having a Priority Pass. Apart from these, you may also avail that facility by just paying at the entrance.


One of the things that the Indira Gandhi Airport is best known for is the facilities for public transport connecting the airport. This airport has some of the best transportation facilities in the whole country.  This is because of the Delhi Airport Metro Express, which connects Central Delhi with the airport. However, based on where you will be staying, it may not always be the fastest way to travel. The trains are very frequent and there should be a train every 15 mins at least. Other ways to travel are through taxis.

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