How to Get Rid of Blog Comment Spam

Blogging is the most essential part of digital marketing at this time. All the internet based business owners now engage with blogging to promote their business offers and new release. There are many other advantages also you can have by creating and maintaining a blog for your business website but there is a headache in blogging which can half your energy level and you’ll really want to get rid of it. Blog spam comment issue.

It’s like, in a Monday morning you are going to write something new for your blog and suddenly you see hundreds of comments in your previous post with unnecessary hyperlinks and with adult content which is not even close to your business them. There is the most annoying and disappointing part of daily life in this industry and we all want to get rid of this problem forever. This is the main reason I’m writing this blog to inform you about some easy and common practice which can make your blogging experience smooth. So, let’s start,

Minimize Comment Spam (WordPress Configuration)

Being the most popular blogging platform, WordPress is the common target of all comment spammers. It is not that all the other platforms are immune from their shadow but WordPress bloggers mostly face that spam comment storm in their inbox. But, there is a solution, here I’ll mention you some simple steps which will help you to configure to minimize comment spam.

  1. Settings > Discussion in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Check the boxes next to “Anyone posts a comment” and “A comment is held for moderation” under “E-mail me whenever….”
  3. After that, check “Comment must be manually approved” in the section called “Before a comment appears.”

Turn off trackbacks

Trackback is a manual notification system which is linked with your post by someone else. If someone links your blog post to his article and wants to give you a notification about that then he’ll turn-on his trackback option to inform you. But if you don’t need to get any notification about that then you can easily turn-off that option by following some easy steps and those are –

To turn them off, go to Settings > Discussion > Default Article Settings, and uncheck “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks).”

Auto Comment Close

There is an option you can turn-on called “Automatically close comments”. When you post an article in your blog then the expectation is it’ll be popular till you are in your next article. And after posting your new one you are not bothering about the views or comments on the older one. This is why you can easily close your comment option after 40 – 60 days. It’ll also help you to get rid of a huge quantity of spam comments.

Just go to: Settings > Discussion > Other Comment Settings. Check the box next to “Automatically close comments on articles older than” and choose 30 or 60 days in the selection box.

There are many other options also to dodge this problem on a regular basis. In our Click Optimisers website blog, we are always like to share helpful information and our innovative ideas to help you to resolve your digital marketing and internet base working problems and we are happy to welcome you in our website for any internet marketing related help.

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