Get Rid of Dry Nose

How to Get Rid of Dry Nose

Humans have a pair of eyes, hands, legs, kidneys, but theonlynose is an organ which is one, and when this nose becomes dry, everything else gets messed up. From the anatomy point of view, nose holds a great significance as it is the part from where one can inhale the oxygen and smell different things. Like all the other organs of the body, there are also some health issues this part of the body also has to suffer from. The formation of this part is such where it needs to remain moist to function as expected. Hence when it turns dry, it becomes a big health issue for an individual. It not only creates uneasiness but also leads to apoor state of health.

The dry nose is the result of respiratory problems and the first indication of diseases such as sinusitis and rhinitis. A dry nose can cause severe damage to your health if it is not cured early. It also makes a person feel uncomfortable and uneasy as the person is troubled while breathing. It is not much challenging or tough task tocure dryness of the nasal passage. Right here, some easy home remedies are listed to get rid of dry nose naturally.

Petroleum Jelly – Petroleum jelly is packed with moisturizing properties which make them an effective remedy for dry nose. It softens the mucus in the nostrils and eases the flow of air.

  • Take a Q-tip and put a small amount of petroleum jelly on it
  • Apply it to your nostrils so that it is completely moisturized.
  • Practice this method 3 times a day for a week whenever you suffer from dryness of the nasal passage.

Petroleum Jelly

Mustard Oil – Mustard oil is well known for its greasiness. It is the most common ingredient found in every kitchen. It is considered as an effective solution for dryness of the nostrils. It is a good ingredient which helps to fight against cold.

  • Take 3 to 4 drops of mustard oil and apply it in your nostrils
  • Take some slow but deep breaths to inhale the oil
  • Repeat this process twice a for a week or more.

It is good to use mustard oil for keeping the nasal passage clear.

Mustard Oil

Glycerin– Widely known as a natural emollient, glycerin is a potent remedy for dry nose. It acts very fast and gives instant relief from dry nose problem.

  • Put a small amount of glycerin in your nostrils
  • Lie down and take deep breaths.
  • It is better to apply before going off to bed.
  • Practice this method once or twice everyday for a week or two.


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Dryness of nostrils can give anyone a hard time anywhere. It is very important to take proper care. The remedies mentioned over here are strong solutions for the dry nose problem. It effectively cures the dryness issue and keeps the nasal passage moisturized for a longer span of time. Feel free to choose anyone of the three remedies mentioned above and get rid of dry nose naturally.


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