GMAT: Is it just about preparing or there is more to it?

GMAT: Is it just about preparing or there is more to it?

You know this GMAT is not a test of how smart a person is. Nor is it an exam of a person’s business shrewdness or even a predictor of the grades in business school. It is just a test of how great you are at taking the GMAT.

If you are going to the best GMAT coaching in Bangalore for your prep you would know that the test is not a big deal if you are prepared. But preparing for this test and performing in a right manner is a big deal. You have to be really specific about how you prepare and how you perform.

Understand the Test

The GMAT is a Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT). It means that it keeps a running count of your score as it goes, on the basis of the number of questions you get right and their degrees of challenge. The computer-adaptive segments always start by getting you a medium question. In case you get it correct, the computer gets you a slightly harder question. In case you get it wrong, the computer might give you a slightly easier question, and so on.

Don’t miss any rounds

You have to be careful because the test is taken on a computer and you must answer each question to reach out to the next one. You cannot simply count on skipping a question to come back to later as a piece of your test-taking strategy or technique.  However, whatever be the method of the test, you have to be attentive about all the things. Maybe the strategies you have made regarding performing in the test stand nil for you but there is also a chance that they help you sail through every segment with flying colours.

You have to pace

Yes it means that there are two significant factors that can influence your score on the computer-adaptive sections of this test. And these two areas are:

  • Questions that have appeared earlier on the test count more than questions that come later on the test.
  • Also the questions you leave unanswered are going to lower your score.

You know in the starting of the test, , your score is going to move up or down in huge increments as the computer improves in on your skill level and what would turn out to be your eventual score. In case you make a mistake early on, the computer is going to choose a much easier question, and it might take you a while to work up to the degree you started from.   it is the reason that you should  make sure that you get those initial questions correct by beginning slowly, checking your work on initial problems, and then gradually take up  the pace so as to ensure that  you finish all the issues in the section. Certainly once you know how to deal with your pace during the performance you can give your answers in a better manner.

Thus, joining GMAT preparation institute in Gurgaon is one good thing and having an idea about everything you are doing and you have to do for GMAT test is second good thing!


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