Gokarna On Your Mind? Get A Travel Loan In Your Pocket To Take You There

Gokarna On Your Mind? Get A Travel Loan In Your Pocket To Take You There

Just off the Karwar coast is the sleepy beach town of Gokarna, primarily known for its beautiful, sandy beaches and majestic temples. A heady mix of sun, sand, spirituality, salvation, and yoga, Gokarna has evolved from being a lazy coastal town to a thriving beach town with the advent of foreign and domestic tourists thronging its shores.

Now a favorite haunt of the Goa regulars, who have moved on from Goa to this beach town, Gokarna is not yet conventionally touristy. The beaches are meant for an idyllic holiday and everything moves around there at the same pace. Lined with palm trees, frothy ocean and clean sands, Gokarna is divided into two distinct parts, one that is for the religious tourists who come to seek blessings at the various temples in the beach town and other of the beach lovers who come looking for some solitude in nature’s lap. Doesn’t this sound absolutely amazing!

Off late, Gokarna is home to numerous yoga centres that are attracting a lot of crowds seeking their spiritual self. You can plan with your friends as to what all you would like to do when you are in Gokarna. But what might deter is you is how to arrange money for your trip with your friends, without having to dig into your savings for the same. There is nothing to worry about now. Financial institutions like Tata Capital provide travel loans so that you don’t have any hitch, while you plan your grand holiday with your friends.

Now for those wondering what a travel loan is should know that a travel loan is nothing but a personal loan, which you can use for your wanderlust.

Being an unsecured loan, travel loans do not need collateral or security. While this has been a primary reason most people do not avail loans, travel loans are a safe bet if you want to borrow money for your adventures, without keeping your property or anything else as collateral.

Before you apply, you will need to check for two things, your travel loan interest rates, and the travel loan tenure. Most institutions like Tata Capital make it easy for their customers to know both and since they have a travel personal loan EMI calculator on their website, you can find out the exact monthly installment you will have to pay.

Another important thing to check is your travel loan eligibility. Basic KYC documents, salary slip and most importantly a CIBIL score over 750 increases your chances for your holiday loan.

Since your money woes are solved, you can use your travel loan to plan a trip to Gokarna. Since the destination is increasingly becoming popular, you can plan a solo, a trip with friends or a family vacation you always wanted to take.

While you decide, let’s look at what you can do and see in Gokarna.

Gokarna Beach

The main attraction is definitely the stunning beaches of Gokarna. The main beach of the town is Gokarna Beach. Being right in the middle of the town, this beach is crowded and frequented by the pilgrims, who frequent the temples in the town. If you are looking for an idyllic time away from the crowds, you and your friends can give this beach a miss.

Kudle Beach

A small beach which is a little difficult to access, Kudle beach has managed to retain its exclusivity. This beach has a few shacks and accommodation options but is largely peaceful. You and your friends can swim here for hours and no one will even disturb you. If you are planning to drive down in Gokarna and do not have a car of your own, you can rent one using your travel loan. Make sure you take into consideration the cost of fuel as well while calculating how much money you would need in the travel loan.

Om Beach

The main attraction of Gokarna town, Om beach is where all the action is. This spectacular beach gets its name from its shape that resembles the ‘Om’ symbol, sacred to the Hindus. You can indulge in exciting water sports here, right from Jet Ski, water ski, banana boats, motor boats, parasailing to swimming. Have a great adventure filled the day with your friends and then catch a beautiful sunset while taking in the cool breeze in the evening. Om beach has all the action and excitement you and your friends are looking for. If activities are on your agenda, your travel loan should be able to cover the costs arising from it.

Paradise Beach

Paradise beach truly lives up to its name, yes; it’s nothing less than a paradise on earth. This beach is inaccessible by road, so you have to take a boat ride or trek your way to it. Due to its remoteness, Paradise beach has managed to be elusive and secluded. Head there with your gang of friends, you never know, you might have the whole beach for yourself without a soul there!

Now that you know where you and your friends can go to while beach hopping, let’s look at what else can you do in Gokarna.


Surfing is a hugely popular water sport across the world and slowly picking up in India too. Gokarna has some excellent facilities for surfing and that includes a surfing school as well! You and your friends can take a beginner’s course and learn to master the waves. If you already know the sport, you can hire surf gear like surfboards, wetsuits, slippers and even kayaks. Kayaking is another exciting water sport you can enjoy in Gokarna.


Gokarna is a hub for yoga and you will find classes and retreats spread across the town. Many yoga centres offer yoga classes in a natural environment where you can stay and learn the ancient fitness form. Some of the good yoga schools in Gokarna are SwaSwara and Gokarna Yoga School. If you and your friends are fitness freaks, you know where to head to. If you are looking to de-stress, you can book a stay at one of the yoga retreats. The cost of the stay can be covered in your travel loan. After all, for your health, no amount is too small.


You can’t go on holiday with your pals and not go shopping. Shopping in Gokarna is mostly in small shops on the streets, where you can find interesting stuff like trinkets, souvenirs, junk jewelry, clothes, t-shirts, hippie pajamas, and collectibles. If you are around the temples, you can also buy incense sticks, prayer beads and idols to take home with you.

Gokarna is like a mini-Goa, but with much fewer crowds. With the help of your holiday loan, you can loosen your purse strings and splurge to your heart’s content with your friends and have a memorable holiday.

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