Health Beyond Borders

Nobody in their right mind would hope to see the inside of a hospital while on vacation, right? Wrong. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are increasingly looking outside their home countries when considering treating many health issues. We are currently witnessing the birth of a new industry of health and fitness tourism. There are several factors at play that have given rise to this new trend. The restrictive cost of medical treatment in the west has forced westerners to turn their eyes towards places such as Thailand for affordable alternatives. Thailand and other Asian countries can offer the same quality of medical care as the west but at a fraction of the price. A booming tourism industry that is eager to entertain and cater to foreigners has made Thailand one of the world’s premier destinations for health and fitness travel.

Thailand boasts a sophisticated medical health industry. There are over one thousand hospitals in the country, and close to five hundred of them are private care facilities. Everything from a rhinoplasty to gastric bypass surgery is on offer. Bumrungrad International Hospital located in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand¸ is a state of the art facility where some of the field’s most eminent doctors operate. Bumrungrad International Hospital is the single largest private hospital in South East Asia and offers luxurious amenities as well as advanced medical care to would be patients. To give you an idea of the savings in health care costs that we are talking about, a heart bypass operation in the United States costs over one hundred thousand dollars. The same surgery performed in Thailand, executed to the same standards of medical practice will you cost you around eleven thousand dollars.

Thailand also offers tourists looking to improve their fitness and overall wellbeing a plethora of transformative health retreats. These comparatively affordable resorts and spas are usually located close to secluded and pristine beaches and lush rainforests. These luxury facilities aim to better your body and spirit through the practice of cleanses, detoxifications, and fasts. All inclusive packages are available for around five hundred dollars per week. For the best options visit the beaches Hua Hin south of Bangkok; here you will find some of the best wellness resorts the world has to offer.

Finally, for the more adventurous types, Thailand offers some exciting and effective ways to improve your health and fitness. It so just so happens that one of the world’s most fascinating sports has its origins in Thailand. Muay Thai is a dynamic combat sports discipline that originated in Thailand hundreds of years ago. Muay Thai focuses on developing lightning-quick reflexes and incredible cardiovascular resistance. Muay Thai places a heavy emphasis on kicking and striking with the knees, so you can rest assured that training in a Muay Thai camp at  will help you build and develop a top of the line physique. If you are enthusiastic about improving your health and fitness, you would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative than one of the many Muay Thai training camps that dot the country. The sport’s best teachers and most thoroughly equipped facilities await those willing to come to Thailand and improve their health.

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