How Kent RO Is Managing to Gain High Level of Customer Satisfaction

How Kent RO Is Managing to Gain High Level of Customer Satisfaction

Kent RO is one among the popular & trustworthy brands within the field of water purifier. Whereas they tend to take care of all of your RO(Reverse Osmosis) SystemKent RO online complaint service  additionally makes sure that the services provided by  the company can fully satisfy the client. Their goal is to be the most effective inthe service they are providing. 

They are running several deals in all sorts of water purification services like RO installation,RO repair &other maintenance services. They provide domestic, commercial, and industrial water purifier with varied capacity. Their R0 customer care support team is 24*7 accessible to register the customers’ requests for RO water purifier repair and installation service request. Kent’s RO  servicecenter offers the customers professional services provided by trained engineers for the installation & RO water purifier repair services.Their  RO service center team believes in client satisfaction and therefore They continuously deliver their customers fast RO water purifier repair & installation services.

80 % of the world’s diseases are waterborne. There is no doubt that it is essential to drink safe and pure water in today’s pollution afflicted world. Here, are a number of the common complaints with RO water purifiers:

1. RO water purifier not functioning at all

If your Ro purifier provides no response after you switch it ON that is there Is no LED lights approaching and no sounds from the unit, then possibly the power supply cable is faulty or the PCB is damaged. Transformers and capacitors are most liable to faults on a PCB, and they are often merely replaced.

2. The water flow is just too low

If the water flowing into the water tank is extremely slow, it is as a result of either the water returning from the tap has terribly high TDS or one amongst the filters is clogged. In the first case, there is nothing can be done to boost the water flow. Generally, in rainy seasons TDS tends to increase. It would take 2-3 days for TDS to decrease back and so the water flow can improve. If TDS is normal and still the matter persists, then one among the filters has clogged and will need to get replaced.

3. Water has an unusual taste or odor

If you have simply put in a brand new RO water purifier, ensure you don’t begin using the water before exhausting out the whole tank at least once. In some cases, the filters or membrane might have clogged and needs to get replaced.

4. Water is leaking

Water may begin to leak from the unit if fittings aren’t tight enough. You need to confirm you tighten all the connections. Also, if you’ve got high tap water pressure, confirm the tap isn’t set to full flow. Applying unessential pressure onto the filters can solely degrade them quicker.

5. Vibrationfelt in RO purifier

This drawback is common when there has been a recent filter modification within the water purifier. These vibrations are known as pressure differential vibrations. Because of the difference in pressure between the various filters, vibrations begin to occur. There’s no harm evoked by these vibrations usually.


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