How to Determine the Effectiveness of Solar Batteries

How to Determine the Effectiveness of Solar Batteries

Solar power system is not complete without solar batteries. The batteries are the elements that make the solar power system to work.  The quality of the batteries for solar panels goes a long way to determine how reliable the solar power system will be. If you want to make the most of your solar power system, then you must get a very good battery. A good battery will make the solar power system to last for long and you may even end up using it for decades if you maintain the solar power system very well. In this write-up, we will show you a couple of things to consider when buying solar panel batteries

Check the battery life

The batteries for solar panels will cycle on daily basis, with the cycling involving charging and draining.  The ability of the said battery to remain charged for long will reduce as the life of the battery increases and as the battery is increasingly used. Batteries for solar panels work just like the batteries in your mobile device; the battery is charged and gets depleted after use. The cell phone battery also reduces in capacity as the battery gets old. As a result, the battery will not be able to retain its charge for long like it did when it was new.

Before you buy batteries for solar panels, find out about the warranty that comes with the batteries. Different guarantees come with different number of cycles and/or number of years of useful life.  The performance of the battery degrades naturally over time and most manufactures will give guarantee that the battery will keep a particular amount of its original capacity over the period covered by the guarantee.

The brand of the battery can determine how long the batteries for solar panels can last and how much capacity the battery will lose over time. If a battery is warrantied for 100 years or 5,000 cycles at 70 percent of its original capacity, it means that the battery can last for over 30% of its original ability to stores energy.

Fully charged batteries for solar panels can last over night during the period that your solar panel is not receiving energy from the sun. The quantity of energy that your home uses can determine how long the solar power system can last after a full charge by the energy from the sun. The power rating and the capacity of the battery can equally determine how long the solar power system can last.

An average home in the U.S. uses about 30kWh of energy per day. A solar battery can deliver up to 10kWh of capacity. If you buy three batteries for solar panels, for example, you can use the battery to run your home all day long without any support. Studies have shown that most brands of batteries are unable to run at maximum capacity and will peak generally at 90% DoD; this means that a 10kWh battery will have a useful capacity of 9 kWh. The points discussed above should be closely considered when choosing batteries for your solar panel.


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