How To Use Your Social Network To Travel The World

How To Use Your Social Network To Travel The World

Travelling is a passion that can make some people give up almost everything in their lives. You will see so many people who have left their jobs, their families and friends, to roam around the world. The mantra for them is that life is too short, and they want to travel and see as much as they can in this short span of time. Many of us aspire to do so, but how many of us have the means to do it? In today’s date, things have become expensive including conveyance, food and lodging. The thought of travelling abroad is scary in itself. But what if you can do that for a cheap rate? Or maybe for free? The social network is criticized for a lot of things. However, it can be beneficial if used in the right way. Let us see how social network can help you travel the world.

Ways of travelling the world with the help of social media

  • Start making contacts today: If you are a traveller, you ought to be a person who makes friends fast. That is the way you can survive for so many days alone in an unknown country. Talk to people over Instagram, Facebook and other social media apps. You got to figure out different people from different places. Call them up and discuss if they are okay with you staying over if you plan a trip like this. You never know they might agree to your plan.
  • Take it further: Now that you know a lot of people from your social networking, ask them if you can stay back at their places. You need to be rigorous at this and try to contact as many people as possible. Some travellers practice this on a regular basis and are pretty happy with the response they get from their social media friends. There is always a question of security from both the ends, but that can be talked out. Once you plan your stays, you can also carry small token gifts from for your social media friends.
  • Trust people: It is essential for you to trust people you are going to meet. It again doesn’t mean that you will be like family to them. But a minimum amount of trust is required if you have planned to stay at someone’s place and the person has said yes. If you are travelling with no fixed accommodation, you might end up living with people you have just met on the roads. Hence, be mentally prepared to have fun under such situations.
  • Know that you have limited means: There are two words, “a tourist” and “a traveller”. If you are a real traveller, you won’t seek a lot of comfort during your trip. Be ready for the best and worst situations. Be prepared to bargain, not just monetarily but also socially. You have to mix with people from different regions, tastes and types. You can’t end up judging all of them or being high maintenance. That would get you into trouble. Make sure you act as the situation demands and make the right and intelligent decision.
  • Know your weaknesses: We all promise a lot of things to ourselves, fifty per cent of which we know we won’t be able to keep. Don’t make yourself fake promises. Stretch yourself till that point up to which you can handle. As much as you love to travel, you don’t want it to be a bad experience. Know what your limitations are. Know what triggers your anger or your helplessness the most. Try to avoid them as much as possible while planning your trip. It will give you a good experience.
  • Help your friends as well: Networking doesn’t work one way. If you are planning to roam the world with the help of your friend, make sure that you help them out as well. You can have your own close knitted circle of travellers who would help each other in travelling the world. This way, you not only meet new people, but you can see other parts of the world as well.

Social networking is the most significant human network today. You will see a lot of websites that even have an option of giving you an opportunity to travel the whole world with them. If you want, you can sign up for that as well. Make your network work and visit the world with the help of social media.


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