How Well is Tourism Growing in the Netherlands

How Well is Tourism Growing in the Netherlands

The money spent on tourism in 2016 by Netherlands was more than 75.7 billion euros and it shows an upward trend since 2010 (27 percent to be precise) and a 4% growth since 2015. Tourism has gradually become an important part of the revenue earned by the Dutch economy and its rapid increase has led to an upward graph for foreign visitors to the Netherlands and the tourism sector in the country is divided into inbound, domestic, and outbound tourism.

This has also led to an increase in the jobs of the tourism sector and there are several travel and hospitality agencies in Netherlands which are upcoming due to the positive effect of tourism on the Dutch economy. There has been an increase in the number of jobs in hotels, restaurants, cafes, travel agencies, airlines, art and culture, mediators, public transportation, taxis, and the retail industry. The number of people working in the tourism sector grew by 2 percent in 2016 and every category saw a rise in the number of employees. The highest increase was reported in restaurants, cafes, and hotels which increased by 4 percent. The tourism sector accounted for 6.4% of the different jobs in Netherlands in 2016.

Tourists from abroad are the driving force behind the increase in tourism in Netherlands. Foreign tourists had spent 21 billion euros in 2016 in Netherlands. The Dutch nationals spent more than 45 billion euros in touring the sightseeing and attractions in Netherlands which contributed to the tourism revenue in the country. There were several tourists who didn’t travel to the Netherlands but booked their tickets to other countries through Dutch businesses which added to the tourism expenditure and emerging travel and hospitality firms in Netherlands.

The dependency of Netherlands on revenue was lower than average and it generated only 8% of the GDP. The predominant tourism is based on city and cultural tourism which is not climate dependent. This has changed.

Why is there a growth in tourism of Netherlands?

Climate change can be considered as the reason behind the growth in tourism in the Netherlands. The temperature in this country will rise and extend the summer season which makes it favourable for tourists to stay for a longer time. The possibilities of tourism drastically increase which makes it attractive to foreign tourists as well Dutch nationals. Many Dutch nationals have decided to spend vacations touring their own country.
The growing demand for wildlife areas and recreation have also increased due to climate change. There has been a positive effect detected amongst the tourists due to the favourable weather conditions and dry climate.

However, one negative effect has been the increase in the temperature of the water in swimming pools. There have been cases of potential risks of pathogenic microorganisms which breed in warm temperatures. This can be considered as a vulnerability which can cause the number of tourists to reduce. It is essential to take cognizance of these factors in order to keep the tourism industry flourishing in Netherlands.

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