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Improve Your Work Potential by knowing Your Personality Profile

The personality of a person creates a huge impact on the working of an individual. For this reason, it is important both for the employer as well as for the employee to know about their own personality traits or of those who you wish to employ in your company. If you are an employee then you would like to know what sort of jobs suits you and how to improve your leadership qualities. On the other hand, as an employer, it gives you a goldmine of information about an individual which you can use to either place him in some specific job.

To help you find the personality of an individual accurately, you can take the help of the Everything DiSC Management Profile. It is a revolutionary way of finding the personality of an individual through a simple online test that takes only a few minutes to complete. Once the test is completed, the DiSC algorithm allows a dot on the DISC that notifies the individual about his personality traits. And since the whole test and evaluation is based on serious research based on behavioural sciences spanning a few decades, the results are accurate.

According to the Everything DiSC Management Profile, there are four dominant traits of an individual like; Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. An individual can have either one or two of these traits (if the dot falls on the borderline of two traits). According to DiSC evaluation, all the four traits are of equal importance and any individual who has any of these personalities can do any of the job assigned to him (provided he has the knowledge, skill and experience to back him up). Here we are giving you a quick glimpse of the four major traits that a person can have.

1). Dominance: A person with Dominance personality loves challenges and believes in action more than deliberations. Furthermore, they are inclined to take risks to achieve success in their lives. They love to work alone and therefore do not require frequent encouragements (the challenge itself act as an encouragement to them).  They always like to challenge the status quo and as they love fast-paced action, they need a lot of space to go about their job that requires out of the box thinking. To make sure that the employee with a dominant personality work to their full potential give them independent decision-making powers in some select areas.

2). Influence: People with Influence as their personality traits have a very positive attitude and are upbeat about their job and have full confidence in their ability to do any complex job. They love to encourage people to do any new challenging job and like to express their views forthrightly. It is in their nature to try out new ideas and take spontaneous decisions on the job. They love socialising and believe in collaborating with others to get the desired results.

3). Steadiness: They love to work in a team and provide the necessary support to their teammates to get the job done. They are normally soft spoken and love to make social connections. For them, social recognition from their co-workers is very important and they act as a gel to keep the team together even in difficult situations.

4). Conscientiousness: A person with conscientiousness personality trait likes to work in an environment which has well laid out rules and clear-cut directions. They are more inclined to use logic and rational explanation before taking any decision. They do not require continued guidance as they love to take independent decisions in their workplace.

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