Is A PBX Business Phone System Ideal For You?

Is A PBX Business Phone System Ideal For You?

A business phone system is basically a multiline phone system most commonly used in business environment, enterprises, manufacturing industries and companies. These phone systems have a diverse range, from the small key phone systems, KTS to large private branch exchange (PBX).

How does a phone business system work?

Instead of installing several phones with multiple CO lines, CO lines in a phone business system are used directly controllable in the phone system, providing additional features to the calls such as advanced call handling. A business phone system can either just be multiple phone lines used by businesses or a complex private branch exchange or PBX system utilized by large businesses. These systems can either function over the Public Switched Telephone Network (the traditional system of operation) or the internet or VoIP. The latter is especially beneficial to companies as they are no longer required to purchase expensive equipment but can operate advanced VoIP and similar functions with the existing infrastructure of the company.

What is Private Branch Exchange?

PBX or private branch exchange is a private telephone network most commonly used within a business organization. This network or business phone system assists in internal communication for the company, or also the outside world using various communication channels such as VoIP, ISDN or analog. Through PBX, it is possible for a company for have multiple communication lines, even greater than the actual number of physical phone lines actually present, and also allows seamless communication between the various users. Various other supplementary features are also provided such as call transfers, voicemail, recording, call queues and call forwarding.

These business phone systems are available both as Hosted or Virtual Solutions, thanks to the amazing progress made by cloud computing technology, in house solutions can however also be found through the company’s own hardware.

What are the advantages of the PBX System?

  1. Flexibility: PBX systems are usually tremendously more flexible and convenient than propriety systems, as they utilize open interfaces. They are based on standard hardware which is commonly source-able and cheaper than traditionally closed system.
  2. They offer additional services: An enterprise often requires additional services such as call recording, forwarding, transfer, queues and such. With a PBX system, each telephonic component does not have to be configured individually.
  3. It is more technologically advanced: Most importantly, PBX systems are technologically advanced and provide a greater deal of functionality to the end users. Especially for businesses, PBX based phone systems are definitely the ideal choice.
  4. Help to cut costs: By removing redundant and old hardware and digitizing whatever functions are capable of being digitized, a company can save a significant amount of money and cut costs.

It is therefore obvious. If you are looking for a sustainable, seamless and ideal option for your enterprise to ensure that all its communication needs are sufficiently and amply met, you must consider the purchase of a business phone system for your company. Not only will you see the difference in the way the enterprise runs, but so will your customers!


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