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Is YuppTV worth it?

Is it worth it? This thought crosses every mind at one point or the other. The question lets us reevaluate what’s right and what’s not. It is the only thing that has positive effects on life that is never going to displease. But to answer this question you need to know everything about it. Be it about a product you’ve been using for a long time or the one you want to buy. Either way, you need to have the necessary knowledge of the pros and cons and weigh them against each other. So, here I am, giving you the essential knowledge about the most important product that affects your daily life. The product that offers you entertainment and the product that can make or break your mood after you come home from your tiresome work.

What’s YuppTV?

YuppTV is a service provider that offers Indian Live TV to the people living abroad. All the channels from all the Indian languages are available for people to watch from any country. Major channels from more than 15 Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Oriya, Urdu, etc. are available to watch on Smart TV, Media Player, Smartphone, and the Website.

It offers a feature called Catch up TV, where the top Indian Television series episodes are stored for up to 10 days, for the users to watch. Any episode missed can be caught up on your HD Television or your laptop/ Smartphone in an easy way. YuppTV also offers plenty of movies and TV Shows on Demand whenever you want and wherever you want.

What else?

The scope media player from YuppTV lets you access the Indian TV channels, movies and whatever is on your phone, on your HD Smart TV. Yeah, you can connect your phone to your Smart TV wirelessly with just a tap. Also, misplacing the remote isn’t going to change a thing, because you can control everything with an App on your Smartphone. The player comes with a subscription to a package of your selection and to YuppFlix, a product of YuppTV that offers you numerous films from various languages.

What about the Pricing?

The service offers you products that transcend languages which aren’t an option in any of the other service providers which mean you can choose channels from more than one language in a single package at a regular price. The service instead of making users subscribe to two different packages for two different channels offers the best channels from both languages in one package at a very reasonable price.

In addition to this, you get an automatic subscription to plenty of movies which are available on the website for the same price. Multiple Login Access is another feature that keeps this product ahead of others. You can access the features from different products simultaneously and watch different content in all of them.

So, Is it Worth it?

Given the features and the number of options the service offers, I’d say it is totally worth it. YuppTV has a website, a media player, an App which is compatible with all the latest Smartphones, Televisions, Gaming Consoles etc. YuppTV has spread its wings all over the place and it offers Indian entertainment like no other. If you long for Indian entertainment as soon as you come home from a strenuous day at work, there is no other service that can offer you complacency.

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