Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand

Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand is Another Way To Maintain Your Health

A lot of nice and unique things are associated with Thailand. This is why the country is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The unique culture, foods, beaches, religious activities and even the entertaining elephants arouse curiosity of many men and women who wish to see all these for themselves. This is all good. However, while at it, it is easy to overindulge in all the tasty, spicy delicacies and soon your weight could pile up. It is important to maintain your health and fitness even while far away from your regular gym at home. What better way to do this than to learn a new sport and keep fit while at it. It is a win-win. Let’s say you are on your first travel to Thailand and during the stay (and meditation) you realize you haven’t been taking care of your health right. Right there you add weight loss in your new holistic resolutions. Muay Thai will kick-start your journey in ways you hadn’t thought of.

So, what is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is also popularly known as the “The Art of Eight Limbs”. This reference is used because of the use of eight points of contact the body mimics ancient weapons of war such as the sword, axe, hammer and dagger. This sport has been in existence for hundreds of years, but only became popular in the recent past.  It is important to know Muay Thai is a full-contact combat sport and martial art that requires training in physical and mental discipline – perfect skills to help with your weight loss process.

Why consider Muay Thai?

  • Easy to learn – Thai boxing is one of the easiest martial arts to learn. Many different techniques exist but it is the simplicity of the sport that allows even children to participate.
  • Lose weight – In this sport, the running around, shadow boxing and jumping rope provide excellent aerobic workouts. The kicking and punching on the bags and pads plus clinching exercises build magical anaerobic endurance. This kind of combinations is a sure way to ensure you lose that flab and improve your strength and dexterity. In addition, you are assured of burning over 1,000 calories per hour!
  • Self-defense – Being a unique combat sport, Muay Thai utilizes the elbows, knees, hands and shins for defense or use as weapon. This is a good bonus and probably a motivation to learn the sport. While we don’t anticipate to go fighting everyone on the streets, it does not hurt to be prepared to defend yourself if need arises. The striking, locking and tackling learnt in the sport will have your opponent scampering for safety in three seconds.

Where can you learn Muay Thai?

Many training camps are available at your disposal in Thailand. There is provision for tourists who are interested in the martial arts sports training in Thailand service training. A example is and have good course for your fitness. Make use of these facilities to learn Muay Thai, lose weight and maintain good health.

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