What You Need To Know About Shift-Work Sleep Disorder

What You Need To Know About Shift-Work Sleep Disorder

People who have night shift schedules or those who have no specific work schedule  usually have trouble sleeping. This is a common problem of individuals all over the world who have very unstable shift schedules. This kind of sleep disorder is also called “Shift-Work” Sleep Disorder.

Many are suffering from this disorder. This is the reason why there are individuals who take sleeping pills. However, there are sleeping that cause side effects which makes the situation worse. This is why many are advised to take nootropics like Modafinil instead.

Understand The Shift Work Sleep Disorder

As mentioned above, this is when you have trouble sleeping. This is also the same as when you cannot keep your eyes open at work and you feel sleepy all the time. You cannot sleep during the day and once you do, you don’t feel that you have rested enough. This disorder affects your body clock or your circadian rhythm.

The light and dark help your body adjust on when to be active and when you should rest. The light is your body’s cue to stay awake and when it’s dark, your body automatically feels like you want to sleep. However, when you have night shifts and you sleep during the day, your body clock resets. And when it happens a lot, our body clock cannot cope up.

How Can Shift-Work Disorder Affect Your Health?

This disorder can increase stress which will result in you getting sick. When you lack sleep because of your work schedule, your focus deteriorates as well as your productivity. It also puts you at risk especially if you are driving yourself to work. Many experts found that these shift workers will have a higher rate of health problems like colds and flu than those people with a 9 to 5 schedule.

Experts are not able to back up the theory why this disorder can put a risk on the person’s health but they suspect that since you work at night, your body will be able to produce less melatonin. This is a hormone that helps in controlling sleep and waking cycles. This is also important to keep you healthy by strengthening your immune system and prevent tumor developments.

Shift-Work Sleep Disorder and Modafinil: Is It Effective?

Modafinil 200mg is one of the most common nootropics that is prescribed to patients with this kind of disorder. Because of the rising problem with sleeping pills, many people prefer to use nootropics because it has minimal to no side effects. Modafinil can help you stay awake and be alert at all times especially when you are at work. Modafinil can also help boost your cognitive functions and decision making. It will never fail you if you need an extra boost to perform better and e more productive.

If you have trouble sleeping, it’s time to buy Modafinil online USA cheap variants. You can check this out to see your options. Do not suffer from this sleeping disorder. You may put your health, your safety and your job on the line if left untreated.


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