How do I Perform the Factory Reset on my NETGEAR Router

In this article, will teach its users to reset a NETGEAR router to factory default. It is strictly recommended do not ignore the process of NETGEAR Router Reset as it is very important for NETGEAR Troubleshooting and NETGEAR Router Login.

Once you have completed with the reset process, you can log into your router page by type router login into field of the address bar of a web browser. But first, you have to finish rebooting the system.

How to Reset a NETGEAR Router

  1. Locate the Reset Button

To apply this step, you have to unplug your router and place it away from kitchen appliances, gym gadgets, and public WiFi. Dry your hands in order to avoid accidental resets. Here, you might need the help of a pen to insert into the router.

Gently hold the button for 30 seconds, once done release the button. As soon as you see the blinking green lights on your device, take it near to your modem and connect them.

If the process of factory reset doesn’t work, go for the WPS process

  1. Locate the button on left side of the router labeled ‘Wireless’ and ‘WPS’

Press and hold the WPS button for 20 seconds. Once you see blinking green lights, release the button.

Things to Remember:

  • Use the updated firmware of router and modem.
  • Place them both on a higher shelf.
  • Other third-party WiFi devices or metal appliance shouldn’t affect the internet range of the router.
  • Keep the antennas of the router straight.
  • Do not cover your devices. Always keep them cool and dust free.
  • Router shouldn’t be overloaded and overheated.
  • The browser you are trying to connect your device for the process of NETGEAR Router Setup, supposed to be lightened with the load of malicious files, malware, cache, cookies, and browsing history.

Let us ask you something. Are you aware of the process NETGEAR Router Setup? If not, consider applying the following in order to make your device up and running.

  • Connect your router with the modem and after that plug them both in.
  • Let the power LED lights on both the devices starts blinking. Avoid overheating, fluctuation and high voltage.
  • Now, what you have to do, connect your computer with the router. After connecting it successfully, launch a web browser onto it. Once you are in the web browser of your choice, type mywifiext into field of the address bar.
  • Now, you will be prompt to enter username and NETGEAR Router Password to the asked/ required fields.
  • Follow all the positive instruction of NETGEAR Genie to configure and install the device.

In case, you failed going through the above-given process, do not hesitate to ask our technicians ‘the experienced working worldwide’ on toll-free number 1-844-689-9966. On the other hand, it may also interest you to know that we also have information to brief you about NETGEAR Support, NETGEAR Helpline, and also for your NETGEAR Extender Login.

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