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How to Position Yourself as an Artist in the Online Market

In today’s world, artists cannot think of getting all the glare and fame without using online platforms for generating awareness about themselves and their paintings. This is the reason, why every leading and emerging artist is utilising the potential of online paintings gallery.

However, for building a strong social media presence and for boosting the sales of their paintings, every artist should research about the market size of the art they make, who are the ones practicing the similar painting style as theirs, what they are changing and how well are they earning by selling their paintings through online paintings gallery or through their social media handles or their own websites.

Though, this might seem to be a tedious task initially but all the effort that you will put in, will definitely help you in increasing the sale of your paintings. So, why not? Hence, this blog post will help you in making hay while the sun shines. There are many user-friendly tools which can aid you while searching online. The basic ones that you can begin with are listed below. So, keep reading to know the tools that can help you fetch 2x money from your paintings.

  • Google Blog Search– You just need to type a particular keyword related to your art genre and you will get a list of blogs. Use them to see the marketing tactics used by them, the keyword placement and the titles that you can write on to begin with. You can also create the profile on google blogs and find on google “profile creation sites“.
  • Artist blogrolls–Most of the artists or art selling websites have their own blog. In that blog, mostly everyone has a section to let people know theblogs they follow and read. You can use this for building your network.
  • Google Keyword Tool– Google AdWords is a free keyword research tool which can help you in knowing the traffic for you art genre. You just need to type your paintings genre in the keyword searching bar and it will show you the results.
  • Facebook and Instagram search–Searching the hashtags of the art genres you make paintings of, will pop a list of that particular hashtag and other related hashtags. By clicking on the posts under those hashtags you will see accounts and fan pages of various artists.

Go with your Instinct

Yet, after doing the research, you should compare your vision as an artist with your findings from the research in order to find a midway of following your heart and doing something which can help you earn more from your passion turned profession.

In brief, you need to find your potential collectors what is the best online medium to reach out to them and on an average what their income is. In addition to this, you should keep a hawk’s eye on the other artists of your genre. This will definitely help you in grabbing the superlative online paintings marketplace in no time.

Happy researching and of course, selling!


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