Quick Guide To Budwig Protocol For Cancer

Quick Guide To Budwig Protocol For Cancer

Are you looking for some alternatives to fight cancer naturally? One of the effective ways to treat cancer naturally is the Budwig Protocol for cancer. To fight can you need a powerful treatment and Budwig is one effective approach.

The Budwig diet includes flaxseed oil mixed with yogurt and cottage cheese. Not that just, the diet includes fruits and vegetables to boost up the treatment. Usually, the people following the diet have to take multiple servings of flaxseed oil mixed with yogurt, milk, or cottage cheese.

Dr. Johanna Budwig who is the originator of the Budwig diet plan believes that eating polyunsaturated fat diet can help the cancer cells to spread further.

These are a few common things people include in the diet.

Foods high in fiber.
Raw vegetables
Fresh fruits.

What should not be included in the diet?

Meat, especially processed

Margarine and butter


Some other oils

The diet also encourages people to spend more time in the sun to get the right amount of Vitamin D in the body.

What is the Budwig diet used for?

Although the Budwig Diet was developed to treat cancer naturally, but it has been observed that the diet can also act as an alternative to other health issues as well. A few of them are mentioned below.


Stomach ulcers


Heart attack


Prostate problems


Immune deficiencies

The diet is scientifically proven in providing effective results to the cancer patients. There are many studies which show that with the help of an increased amount of flaxseed, there are better outcomes for people with ovarian or lung cancer.

Some case studies also show that people with breast cancer, who are undergoing traditional treatments such as – radiation and chemotherapy can get great results. Some studies also show that men with prostate cancer are getting some amazing results. The diet helps to reduce the male hormone testosterone which further helps to reduce the size of the cancer cells.

Is there any side effect?

One of the best thing about Budwig diet is it has limited side effects. However, people with the dairy intolerance must seek doctor’s recommendation before starting the procedure.

Some of the few common side effects are as follows:

Upset stomach

Upset stomach

Who should not follow the Budwig diet?

Although the Budwig protocol is safe for most of the people, still some people should not increase the amount of flaxseed in their diet. After all, everyone is not the same and each body functions differently.

The Budwig Diet is a big no-no for people with diabetes, nursing or pregnant women, hyperglycemia, hormonal conditions, inflammatory bowel diseases and more. Also, it is highly recommended to consult a professional before beginning with such alternative methods.  They can guide you in a better way.

All in all, the Budwig protocol for cancer is a healthy approach to fight cancer naturally. If you are looking forward to getting effective results, then make sure you choose reputed wellness center like – Utopia Wellness. For any further information, you can visit their official website.

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