Karwa chauth Quotes

Rituals of Karwa Chauth

On the fourth day of the dark lunar night in the month of Kartik in October-November, one Hindu festival fells called Karwa Chauth. It’s a fasting festival observed mostly by the married women of western and northern states of India like Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. Women do fasting right from the sunrise till the moon rise and during that period consuming of food and water is strictly prohibited.  This fast is for married women so when it comes they start wishing each other by sending Karwa Chauth Shayari.

Her fast begins with the sunrise and till the moon rise, she distances herself from not only the snacks entire day but also from a single drop of water. In early morning she eats the vermicelli pudding known as ‘Sargi’ which is prepared by her mother in law. During that time period, she performs the Pooja to please the god, for long life, good health, and a good fortune of her husband.

Pooja of karwa Chauth is quite popular.  The ‘thali of pooja’ plays the important role during the pooja of karwa chauth. Women decorate the thali with fine craftsmanship and rhyming.  Thali of pooja also covers the collection of traditional different sweets in it, accompanied different thalis by the variety of sweets like Kajukatli, kaju roll etc. In karwa chauth thali, few Essentials are must like an elegant Kalash along with a holy book of mantras, kumkum, and arti also important.

History behind Karwa Chauth

People believed that long year’s back there was a girl named Veerawati. She was the only sister of seven brothers. Her brothers loved her a lot. Veerawati observe karwa Chauth fast after her marriage and she performed all rituals with her heart but by the evening Veerawati was unable to take the thirst and her hunger gives discomfort to her, by seeing her pain her brother took a step. They built a fake moon by fire near the mountains. Veerawati mistakenly took that fire as the moon and she then completed her fast by having water and eating food.

The point she eats food, the news of her husband death was received by her and she started crying and for hours she cried at that time Maa Parvati visit her and told her to observe the fast again and this time without committing a mistake. She again observes fast with full dedication and rituals as Maa Parvati told and Yama give his husband life back.


Women get up early in morning and before sunrise ladies taken bath. They also eat matthi, sewiyaan called sargi and drink water. This large is given by her mother in law. In the evening married ladies come together to the temple and do puja for their husband long life. When moon arise they do puja of the moon, see the moon from the sieve, women drink water from their husband hands and then touch their husband’s feet. In many places, husbands give presents to their beloved wife on this special day.

Karwa chauth Quotes

“As you celebrate the bond of marriage, wishing you a life of love and togetherness today and always.” Happy KarWa Chauth….

“On this divine day God may shower his blessings on both of you. Wishes on Karwa Chauth!”

“You love me and I love you we are lovers and best friends too on this Karwa Chauth I just want to say thank you darling for coming my way.”

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