Save on your Monthly Bills by Installing Solar Power Systems

Solar technology has matured in the last decade with Australia is a world leader in research and thanks to progress made in the field. This technology is now more efficient and reliable than ever before. At the moment, the government is offering generous rebates for going solar every renewable energy system creates a number of small-scale technology certificates or STCs when it’s purchased. These STCs are like a form of electronic currency with a market value which can be traded. Most solar power suppliers will offer to buy the STCs from you when you purchase the system as a sort of rebate.

The Solar Credits scheme provides assistance to those wishing to buy a solar power system by increasing the value of the first 1.5 kilowatt worth of STC’s. Solar runs clean and silent, does not put any pollution into the air or contribute to global warming. So you’ll be doing your bit for the environment and reducing your family’s carbon footprints and in addition to saving money on your energy bills. You can sell excess electricity back to the grid putting money back in your pocket. So what do you need to know if you are planning to invest in a solar system?

  1. The first thing you need to consider is what your energy needs are. Have a look at some past electrical bills and work out what your average daily usage is. This will help you pick the right system for your needs. The average Australian family home uses 20-kilowatt hours of electricity per day. Your usage may be more or less than that. The key thing to consider is how much of that usage you want to offset with solar and that shall give you an idea of how big a system you need.
  2. The next thing to consider is where the panels should go. There are lots of options out there in terms of mounting such as roof mounting, freestanding or even more advanced tilting or tracking panels. Generally, we find that for cost and easy maintenance. Your best bet is to use a traditional roof mount with your panels facing north. That way you get maximum efficiency for a minimum of fuss.

All of the solar panels are designed to be strong, moisture resistant and hard-wearing to survive. They’re uniquely Australian conditions. The solar cells we source are produced using world-class technology and past rigorous quality control and we stand by our product with a 25-year warranty on all our solar power systems. We have systems ideal for your family home with an output of up to four thousand two hundred and ten-kilowatt hours a year. Individually that’s enough to seriously reduce your family’s power consumption and heavily cut back your energy bills as you will be feeding power back to the grid. During peak periods with 30 years experience in home improvements,¬†solar energy companies Brisbane¬†have the know-how to make sure you choose the right solar system for your needs and will ensure that your investment in solar can keep putting money back in your pocket for years.


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