Seven Ways to Use Garbage Bags to Move

Though there are plenty of beautiful packing bags but garbage bags are even a good option. They can be used for packing plus they are not that costly. Given below are various ways in which you can garbage bags for packing.

Use them to pack the clothes which are hanged

One of the best uses of garbage bags starts in your closet. Instead of taking hanging clothes off of their hangers to folding in a box or suitcase, you can wrap them up in a bag. Keeping them on the closet rod, keep them in the garbage bag over as many clothes as you can fit in there, beginning from the bottom of the garments. This will be the best way in which the clothes will be protected and you won’t have to go through the trouble of unhanging the clothes and hanging them again later on.

You can also use to pack non-hanging clothes, towels, and linens Garbage bags are best for packing fabric-based items like clothing, towels, and linens since these items don’t require the support of a box. To reduce your work when you’re unpacking, fold each item before you place them in the bag. Then simply fill up the bag with as much as it can keep.

Use them to pack bedding

Pillows and comforters take to occupy a lot of space but when you place them in boxes, they don’t require any sturdy base for transport. Pack them in garbage bags instead and save the boxes for some other thing. Moving companies offer free online moving quotes and you must ask them to help you with packing bedding.

You can also use them to pack stuffed animals and other non-breakable toys.

You can begin with packing the kid’s room by tossing all stuffed animals and non-breakable toys into a garbage bag. It is not just a convenient source to pack but will be even very easy to locate these items later on when your little one is in need of entertainment when you are going to unpack.

Use them to transport plants

Moving plants are a tough job as it can spread dirt and is difficult to carry. You just can simply enclose a plant in a garbage bag since it will cut off the air flow, but you can totally secure a bag around the base of a plant which includes the planter itself up to the stem, just before the area where leaves or flowers are sprouting. You can make use of twine to tie the bag safely to the stem so it stays in place, and once you arrive at the new place ensure that you remove them bag cautiously so that if any dirt did fall out you won’t just leave it onto your floor.

Use them as packing material

If you are running out of those plastic wraps then using these bags for packing could be done. Fold or ball up a bag and use it to fill in any gaps which are therein between the items so that they don’t shift while you are transferring.

Thus these are the ways by which you can make use of garbage bags for packing and moving. When you get moving quotes from exerts, make sure you ask about the cost of minimal packing as despite packing most of the items using garbage bags, you will need to take help for packing critical items.

Sahil Arora

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