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Smart Work will sail you through Jee

It is never so easy to crack jee exam. If you are one of the aspirants then you just have to find out the ways that you can accomplish your aim. It is not just about hard work; it is about smart work too. If you are smart enough in your ways of studying, you can fetch great outcomes. It is certainly imperative to enhance your time & approach before you go for the big exam.

Where to get started?

Before you begin to work on your knowledge and skills, it is better you check out Jee mains previous papers with solutions. A peep into such solutions will make you understand the pattern that has been getting set from years. It will help you in working on the important areas. At times, students keep on working on whole syllabus and unimportant areas too. However, such a thing not really proves effective. It is not about quantitative studying, it is about quality studying.

A few tips for JEE

There are many things that you can do but the most important ones that you must try are as under:

  • Make a subject-wise check list to study or to practice
  • Never plan for anything new when only a few days are left for the important day. However, when you revise the topics try to do it from the JEE Advanced perspective. It will help you later during JEE Advanced preparation. This way, you will not have to study double for the same concepts.
  • In case you have not been in a position to revise Class 11 syllabus between recent Novembers to January then you should devote one or two days to carry out a quick revision of Class eleven syllabuses as almost forty to forty five percent questions will be asked from that area. Don’t forget to revisit your revision notes for an instant recap of formulae, concepts, fact based information, definition and so on.
  • In jee Main exam a few questions might get asked that may be related to practical. Students who have done practical in their school will be in a position to answer. Hence, it is important to refer to lab manual or practical notebook to revive your memory
  • Make it a point to attempt a full length test paper every alternate day. Thismeans a minimum of two or three question paper before JEE Main. Make sure that you analyse your attempts, the hits and the slips and the reason for slips. In case you are writing paper based on JEE Main then try to attempt paper based test and if you are getting ready to appear in online form then your practice has to be in online form.
  • It is not always about studying and studying; sometimes more important is proper rest. The last forty eight hours before the JEE Main should be kept as light as possible. Don’t over stress yourself. It will just steal your peace of mind and you will end up in ambiguity.


So, what keeps you waiting, just walk through jee main previous years solved papers and make sure you don’t miss any of them. Similarly, keep these discussed points in mind too! All the best!

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