Sugar, spice and these Fishnet Tights!

Sugar, spice and these Fishnet Tights!

Ever since the royal wedding of prince Harry and Meghan Markle this year, I have had the urge to surge the “elite”element in my closet. While the Victorian skirt and blouse combination felt a little to cliché for my liking, I wanted to take the Victorian route but with a stop at the sensational upbeat station

The fascinator was a big no go for me since it was too big of an investment to make. When it came to shoes, it was a given that the royals wouldn’t settle for any less that Christian Louboutin, Gucci or Stuart Weitzman. I was looking for that one exceptional item that would simultaneously not demand for a complete wardrobe makeover. After several trial and errors I was ready for something ratcheted and classy, something in trend and of my preference. I was somehow always drawn towards the idea wearing fishnets, but it never really felt right for some reason. The Kerry Parker’s emerging fashionable tulle and fishnet trend caught my attention.

The variety of fishnet stockingswas all too mesmerizing. The starry sequenced delicate fishnet tights, the delicate butterfly hosiery, what got me excited was this beautifully designed Blueberry Orchid fishnet tights. This blend of glittery, cobalt, berry, ivory and slyly inserted interweaved orchid, detailed with Swarovski was something I wanted to own. This nylon spandex handcrafted to perfection was exactly what I was missing. Not only did this come to me when I was looking for inspiration for my next fashion blog, it also made me want to try out the fishnet trend which in all honesty I wasn’t planning to take on. Not before I saw this beauty.

Paring the blueberry orchid fishnet stockings with a simple baby pink dress, a cute pair of nudewomens pumps and a perfect beret made me feel like there was a mix up in the invites of the royal wedding. After posting one of the several pictures I clicked in this outfit, my Instagram has blown up. This look gave me all the confidence to rule a country.

The blueberry orchid fishnet stockingswere not just a one-time wear kind of an article. I was very curious about other ways to pull off these tights. Since it is summer, my wardrobe has been stocked with florals and cute pair of shorts. I wanted to bring out the best in this killer combination. I paired a cute white sleeveless top that had small prints of flowers, I paired this with a pair of black ripped shorts. To insert the wow-factor, I put on the blueberry orchid tights worn with a pair of pastel blue womens pumps.

The delicate designing of these tights posed to be the perfect addition to a simple outfit that I had been wearing for years. That’s the beauty of these tights, they can amp up any ordinary outfit. The tights with the same ballet flats, would positively look perfect with a cute little summer dress as well. Since fishnet tights are all about experimenting with your legs, its imperative to have the right footwear. They look amazing with closed toe heels, womens pumps and ballerinas.

Theses cool and new fishnets can take over the fashion industry and its runways when worn right. I am obsessed with finding and discovering new ways to wear these tights. Looking forward for new ravishing inventions by Kerry Parker.


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