The 8 New Trending T-Shirts, Designs That Nobody Will Tell You

The 8 New Trending T-Shirts, Designs That Nobody Will Tell You

T-shirts are something that is always in trend. Despite being classic t-shirts have been continuously evolving in terms of design. Today, we will share the 8 latest trends that nobody will tell you. Keep reading for more.

  1. Hawaiian Style

Hawaiian print was the trendiest thing of the last year, they were everywhere on runways. Even the big brands like Louis Vuitton and SSS World Corp showed up the tropical style’s colorful corals and flowers. These patterns are bold and super trendy and t-shirt lovers adore them.

  1. Photographs

Another trend that created sensations last year was the higher resolution photos. With better printing processes the high resolutions photos were a big hit all around. The photographed printed t-shirts are easier than ever to create as you can take printing inspiration from a favorite photograph or a photo of a popular location.

  1. Sports Tees

For a long time, sports-themed t-shirts have been everyone’s favorite. This can be a great inspiration and we can print our favorites of any sport. Rather than the minimalist approach used in the past with a team name and player’s number with your own creation you will be free to add more spice to the t-shirt as per your requirement.

  1. Printed T-Shirts

Cartoon T shirts are popular, but nowadays social media is filled with slogans or meme that says to “keep calm”. Maybe you could find one that mixes both, right?

  1. Girl Power Slogans!

All over the world women are standing for their rights and the scenario is not here to go. This trend can help you make through into the world of great t-shirts. The Girl power slogans are more likely to be seen shirts on trendy t-shirts depicting about the strength of women and fewer that adhere to stereotypes.

  1. Year and Place of Birth

Year and place of birth was another hot trend of last year. You would have seen people wearing t-shirts with their year and place of birth on them reading “Made in Mumbai – 1989”. Such prints can be seen more in these coming days.

  1. Playing with Words

Wordplays are humorous and definitely going to catch everyone’s attention. This trend was introduced long ago and since then the trend is here to stay. You will see more wordplay t-shirts all around this year too.  Full sleeve T shirts for men are easier to play with, as they have more area to customize.

  1. Nautical Stripes

The year 2018 can be better classified as the year of nautical miles. Big fashion brands like Saint Laurent and Burberry released tees with red or blue stripes and graphics such as a pelican or anchor. This is an inspirational technique and can be implemented to make beautiful patterns.


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