Things One Should Do and Should Nor Do After Spine Surgery

The main thing about a surgery is its recovery. The recovery portion is very vital and important in order to get cured. There are many things to follow. In which food chart is on the top and then comes daily works, exercises, sleep, medications and other things. The spinal cord is a very sensitive part of the body and needs more care than any other part of the body. And if any surgery is done in that part one must take a lot of care and obey some precautions to recover fast. Consult your doctor or the surgeon for the tips and follow them carefully.

Things One Should Do After Surgery:

Proper Medication: Take medicines at the right time and at a regular interval. Do not take overdose or less amount of medicine. The medicines should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

Use Brace: Brace stabilizes and holds your spine in the proper position and help to cure after surgery in the right manner. You can get it from best spine hospital in IndiaYou can open it at certain times but try to wear it mostly during walking or sitting.

Proper Sleeping Position: After surgery sleeping in the proper position is very important because here the matter is about your back and if it stays in an uncomfortable position for a longer period of time it can be very harmful. Use more pillows during sleep.

Frequent Moving: Do not sit in one place for the whole day. Do some household work and move and walk frequently. Continuous working helps in blood circulation to the whole body which in turn helps in healing faster.

Physiotherapy and Light Exercises: Physiotherapy and light exercises are very good for curing diseases related to the nervous system. If the doctor suggests physiotherapy treatments then go for it. It works very well for these types of diseases and also helps in recovery after surgery.

Things One Should Not Do After Surgery:

Heavy Workout: One should not do heavy workouts just after the surgery. Heavy weightlifting is very harmful to the spine and bone health. Even if you were a daily lifter you should not do it for at least a couple of weeks after surgery.

Climb Stairs: Doctors generally prescribe not to climb stairs but in real life, it is not possible to totally stop it. 1 to 2 times a day is fine but not more than that.

Avoid Bending Waist: As the surgery has been done in the back portion of your body it is better to not bend frequently and give it some rest. Lifting anything by bending the waist can be very harmful to the spine.

Avoid Smoking/Drinking: Smoking and drinking are not good for health in general. But after surgery, it is big no. It can harm your health in other ways.

Conclusion: After surgery, one must follow the things the surgeon or the doctor has prescribed. Proper medication, workouts and maintain a healthy diet can lead to a faster recovery.

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