Tips and Tricks for Kneeboard Beginners

Knee boarding is a popular water sports in the world. Usually the sport is played in the lakes but knee board lovers also perform it in waves at the beach. The riders kneel on their heels and fasten them on the board with an adjustable strap over their thighs.

The beginners need to learn a lot in the Kneeboarding. This post explains the top tips and tricks for Kneeboard beginners.

Stretch before you start

Kneeboarding causes a lot of stress on the back and neck of the rider. Therefore, they need to keep their neck and back strong and flexible. It is important to perform the stretching exercises regularly so that your back can handle the stress of stretching while performing the sport.

Stretching exercises and yoga poses are helpful to make the back and neck strong and flexible. Also, the participants need to stretch their body before hitting the water. Often the participants forget to stretch their neck before starting Kneeboarding.

It is important to stretch the neck, back and core to perform the sport without issues. Keeping the core and back strong is essential not only for Kneeboarding, but for all kinds of watersports.

Pick the right board and rope

Choosing the right board and rope is essential for Kneeboarding. You should select a board that suits the best to your skill level.Roto molded boards are the best for kids and beginners as they are thick and made of plastic.

Compression molded boards are good for novice riders but a bit expensive than the roto molded boards. Sandwich construction boards are the best for experts and top performer kneeboarders.

The Kneeboarding ropes come in two forms, low-stretch and no-stretch ropes. The low-stretch ropes are good for kids and beginners while the no-stretch rope is best for experienced riders. No-stretch rope offers a strong and consistent pull to the riders.

Maintaining the right posture

Right posture of sitting is required in the Kneeboarding for effectiveness and safety. Keeping your back straight, elbows at the waist and shoulders back is essential to ride safely. Riders also need to take extreme care during the landing. Do not let your arms out while landing.

For safe landing, it is important to keep your elbows at the hips and back straight all the time. Holding the right posture during jumps and landing helps the riders perform safe landing on the water.

Speed of the boat

The speed in Kneeboarding depends on the length or rope and the weight of the rider. Usually the speed in Kneeboarding ranges from 18 to 24 mph. However the speed should be maintained according to the level and experience of the riders. The rider should tell the driver to maintain the speed before starting the Kneeboarding. The below table shows, how much speed is ideal according to the weight of the kneeboarder.

Weight (lbs) Boat Speed(mph)
40 8
50 10
60 12
70 14
80 16
90 18
100 20

Seat for Rider

For safe jumping and landings, the riders should keep a seat under them to avoid the shocks. A seat is a sort of pad that the kneeboarders should keep under their rear to protect their back and legs while landing. The seat acts as a shock absorber and protects the legs and back of rider from shocks of a hard landing.

You can find a Kneeboarding seat on the online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Use a kneeboarding seat that offers you to ride with confidence without getting hurt.

Never look down

In any watersport, you should never look down while jumping. Even the learners and beginners need to keep their eyes straight and see up during the jumps. Looking down unbalances riders, and they land them wrongly on the water. A wrong landing may hurt the kneeboarders.

Never leave the handle

Sometimes the beginners find it difficult to maintain their hold on the handle, especially while the jumps. They leave the handle which eliminates the forward or rotational momentum in the air and they end up landing straight into the water. Even if the rider feels that he or she is not able to perform the jump, they should hold the handle until landing.

Practice to have fun

Remember to have fun while kneeboarding. Fun and enjoyment are what watersports are all about. Nobody succeeds in the beginning. You need to practice to achieve success in Kneeboarding. The pros also took years of practice to learn the expertise they have today. Riders should stay safe and practice the sport to learn and gain experience. Don’t forget to have fun with your friends and family members.

Final Words

Kneeboarding is fun if you take care of the above-given tips and tricks. Taking care of the small things, using the right equipment and following the above Kneeboarding tips and tricks will help you to learn and have fun while riding on the waters.Shop jetski vest at Water Ski Connection Australia.

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