10 Tips for Women to Maintain Their Work-Life Balance.

There has been an unprecedented growth in the number of women joining the workforce lately. Be it any field, women are being perceived as strong competitors willing to conquer the world with their hard work, zeal and determination. However, the fact that they are equally involved in taking care of the family and household induces them with a lot of added responsibilities which at times makes it difficult for them to maintain a smooth work-life balance.

So, if you happen to be a working woman who wants to be top-notch both in professional and personal life, here are 10  easy tips to help you get going and maintain the work-life balance perfectly while you pave new avenues of success, every day. Take a look.

  1. Avoid rushing through the mornings: Chaos, lot of mess, unfinished chores and absolutely no time in hand – is this how your mornings look like? Well, if this is the case, you might want to plan things beforehand to avoid rushing through the mornings. And, for doing so, you must keep a track of following things before going to the bed:
  • Keep your laptop, important files and documents handy.
  • Make sure to decide the clothes you would wear the next day beforehand.
  • Prepare your kid’s bag and uniform already.
  • Keep the vegetables chopped and plan breakfast, lunch, dinner accordingly.

This wouldn’t only help you finish your chores effortlessly, but will also leave you with some free time to relax.

  1.  Learn to delegate: Yes, delegating work isn’t meant just for the office, you can do it at home too. From cooking to cleaning, there are a lot of household work that needs to be taken care of. So, why not divide it amidst family members? After all that’s how families should be – being with each other and being for each other. In fact, you can even make a family calendar and jot down the tasks needed to be done by each family member in order to facilitate the work properly.
  2. Do not shy away from taking help: Sure, you are capable enough of doing everything on your own but, asking for help once in awhile ain’t bad either. If you have a small kid to take care of, maybe you can ask your parents to come over and help you out. Further, if it is getting difficult for you to keep a track of the expenses and budget, you can always take help from your partner. This way you will be more sorted while being able to focus on your work completely.
  3.  Maintain healthy communication with your employer: Communication is the solution to every problem. Hence, make sure you are in good communicating terms with your employer. If managing both work and home is giving you a tough time, asking for flexible working hours can help you a lot. With a little flexibility, not only would you finish your household work seamlessly but, would also give your 100% in office.
  4. Family time is important too: Don’t get so engrossed in you work that you have no time left for your family. So, make spending time with your loved ones an irrevocable part of your daily routine. You can initiate this by at least having one meal of the day together. In fact, you can even plan regular weekend getaways, picnics etc with family and friends to rekindle the bond you share with everyone.
  5. Unleash your creative side: Creativity is a great way of enhancing productivity. So, why not maintain and polish your creative streak? Love dancing? Maybe joining a dance class can help you hone your creative side. Happen to be a bookworm? Why not take out time and read your favourite author then? In fact, with the impeccable growth of technology, you can even indulge in digitally driven games like online crosswords, word puzzles and few other games which will not only help you relax and rejuvenate but, also work wonders for your gratification and productivity.
  6. Working smart is the key: Yes, working smarter rather than hard can be a great work-life balance hack. Sure, there’s no substitute to hard work but, if things can be done the smart way, what’s the harm? Wondering how can you do that? Here’s a quick sneak peek:
  • Tightly prioritize your work according to its importance and get going with it.
  • Specify a particular time frame for a particular work and stick to the deadline.
  • Avoid unduly meetings and unstructured discussion that occupy your unnecessary time.
  1. Limit your office work to office: There is a thin line between your professional and personal life. Make sure you don’t mix them both. Official work should be confined to the office boundaries itself. So, once the office hours are finished, shut everything down and head back to home. If there is some work left, make a note of it and leave it for the next day. However, if the work is critical and you have no other option but to finish it at home, you can do it but, don’t make this your habit if you want to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  2. Perfection doesn’t matter always: Everyone wants to be perfect in whatever they do but, at times it’s fine to be good enough too. It’s okay if you didn’t ace that office presentation or the food you cooked at home wasn’t mouth watering. Sometimes, surviving is all that matters. So, never over work or pressurize yourself to achieve perfection always. Give yourself a break you so very deserve.
  3. Learn to say no: Women are raised to be polite and submissive; be it office or home. However, this shouldn’t be the case. You must know how to say no without feeling guilty about it. If your boss is putting unnecessary workload on you or your spouse is being unreasonable, you have all the rights in the world to say no without having to justify yourself.

These aforementioned tips are few of the simple ways that you can inculcate in your daily life and work towards maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

It’s all about how seamlessly you manage things at the end of the day. Well, that’s how women are – multitaskers and achievers, all at the same time. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that management is an art and women are pretty good at it, aren’t they?

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