Top 4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need Rugs at your Place

Top 4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need Rugs at your Place

If there is something that you must buy to alleviate your interior décor scene, it’s the humble looking rugs!

They quite aptly define the spaces while establishing an interface that adds the element of warmth to your home as well as official setups. Natural fibres with their earthy vibes and environment friendliness are truly ruling the roost in the interior designing circles. The choice of a good sisal rug seems to be climbing a new high on the popularity charts every day.

There are many reasons why these floor coverings end up stealing the show for you. Let us have a closer look at them.

  1. Instantly brighten your room: Laminate flooring in the darker hues is well sought out in the contemporary home setups. However, because of being a tad bit darker in shade, few places inside your home might start looking devoid of light. 

Going for earthy toned natural fibre rugs can instantly add the element of contrast and instantly brighten up the arrangement quite immaculately.

They gel equally well with the middle toned floors as well, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication.

  1. Covering up the imperfections: Having a broken tile or any other sort of a breakage peeping out of your floor is not a very pretty sight to look at! But, fret not. We have a clever hack to cover that up easily.

Adding a soft and beautiful rug over the affected area will immediately take away the ugliness. Go for more plush and soft natural fibres so that the effect of breakage is not felt while walking barefoot over the floor mat.

  1. Easy to clean: Did your guest accidentally spill a glass of wine or your furry friend just decided to shred that napkin roll to pieces and that too in the meticulously arranged living room? On a bare floor, it’s certainly a task on hand with a broom, mop, pan, big bin bag and what not.

However, if it’s on the rug, the mess is much easier to clean! For dry spills, your all the favourite vacuum is enough to lift all in one go, making everything squeaky clean. Most of the natural rugs are able to take on the small spills. A clean cloth or tissue is enough to easily clear the blot.

However, we recommend you to invest in the glazed natural fibres though. These will insulate the floor cover further; thus, saving your favourite carpet from getting ruined in case of a major spill. Special glazing liquids are also available in the market to address the issue.

  1. Protecting Wooden Floor: Hardwood floors are a coveted and expensive investment. Being highly valuable, they demand requisite protection from wear and tear, especially in the high-traffic zones of your homes and offices.

Providing a cover of the beautiful and contrasting Floorspace sisal rugs will solve the problem in one go. This sort of arrangement will also prevent the direct spills; thus, effectively protecting your expensive woods from possible staining.

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