Top Places to Visit in and Around Kaza – Spiti Valley

Top Places to Visit in and Around Kaza – Spiti Valley

The surroundings of Kaza are the most incredible and energetic places in the world. The village of Kaza as a “base camp” is perfect to explore the surrounding area namely the Key monastery and surrounding villages. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Spiti and is worth exploring.

From Kaza it is possible to explore various places; these are the ones you should not miss during your India Tour.

1. Key Convent

Key is the largest monastery of Spiti only 12 km from Kaza having about 300 monks, some residents and other students. The Key monastery is literally hanging on a rocky promontory which has to be climbed on foot the last few meters when the road ends. Inside, you can visit the interior of Key’s monastery and witness a truly captivating scene when a group of kids from the surrounding villages visited the monastery and were fed. The children are taken to the monasteries to experience the monastic life. The tradition there is still what it was, and for many families to be able to give an education to their children implies that they enter a monastery.

2. Kibber

8 km from Key, Kibber is a picturesque and extremely photogenic village situated at 4200 m altitude. Take a walking tour of the village enjoying the fabulous views of the Spiti Valley and the traditional houses of the village which are said to have the highest ranked school in the world. The stupa of the village entrance is full of prayer flags and has fabulous views. It is worth wandering in the village and getting to know the traditional way of life of its inhabitants. It is one of the most beautiful villages in the valley.

3. Langza

In the other direction of Kaza, downstream of the Spiti River, Langza is one of the villages worth visiting. Located at 4325 m altitude, it is dominated by the views of the Chau Chau Kang Nilda Mountain in an almost perfect triangular shape, white and majestic from the top of its altitude and only 13 km from Langza. At one end of the village lies a huge statue of Buddha looking enigmatically towards the mountains south of the Spiti Valley.

4. Hikkim

Continuing from Langza climb one of the highest roads in the world, 6 km from Langza, you will see village of Hikkim located at 4440 m altitude and with the curiosity to have the post office located at the highest altitude in the world. In the village of Hikkim you will see magnificent buildings, completely traditional and witness the farmers to treat the land with the help of the yak an indispensable animal at this altitude.

5. Komik

Komic is credited as being the highest accessible village by road in the world at an impressive 4587 m altitude. And the sign is there! There you can visit the modern building of the monastery where you can attend a very interesting religious ceremony. The old building is over 500 years old but it could be closed. So you can visit it from the outside. The views over the surrounding valleys are magnificent and you will find a little cafe there.

Tips to visiting Kaza

  • Kaza is the best place to base your exploration of the region.
  • Every day there is a religious ceremony at the Key monastery around 7 a.m. or 8 a.m.
  • Visit the Key Monastery in conjunction with the village of Kibber in the morning. In the afternoon, you can visit Komic, Hikkim and Langza
  • Kibber also has accommodation because it is one of the starting points for some of the most beautiful trekking in the region. They are local accommodations but this is synonymous with friendliness.
  • These villages are more than four thousand meters high so walk slowly, drink lots of water and do not run.
  • South of Kaza, there are also magnificent places to see.

Himachal Pradesh is one of the beautiful destinations of North India Region. Apart from Spiti, Shimla, Manali, Kulu, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Mcleodganj are the top places to visit that are worth to visit.

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